Sunday morning I took my first barre class at Pure Barre. I had taken a few barre classes at a yoga studio but wasn’t sure how it would be to take one at an actual barre studio, especially while in my 27th week of pregnancy.  I enjoy at home workouts, but I miss the vibe of a studio, and the energy of taking a group class.  I also know I push myself harder when someone is telling me what to do. I miss going to hot yoga SO much, but since that is not an option for a while, I thought this would be a good alternative.  When I arrived at the studio, the instructors were very friendly and welcoming.  They had me sign up and showed me around.  Then one of the instructors showed me the equipment I needed.  She told me I would probably feel totally lost during this class, because she did during her first class.  Then she showed me a handout about pregnancy modifications.  I read through the handout, and suddenly wondered if this was a mistake.  There were so many modifications, it seemed, and I had never even been here before.  What am I doing?  I thought to myself.  But soon the teacher came in and the class started.

From having done a few barre classes online, and at my old yoga studio, I was happy that I didn’t make a total fool of myself.  I kept up with the exercises, and since the instructor showed us the exercises, I was able to mimic her.  I had to modify the ab exercises, but most of the workout I could do just fine.  I loved pushing my body (safely within the limits my little passenger has set for me), and the upbeat music and encouraging words of the instructor motivated me to work hard.  I really like how you burn out a specific muscle group, stretch, then move on to another muscle group.  It was a really challenging class, and I felt amazing afterwards.  I signed up for one month unlimited, so I will be returning tomorrow!  Since I am a morning person, there are 6 am classes during the week that I can go to before work to get my sweat in first thing! I am happy that I got myself out of my comfort zone and tried the class, because I think I found a new type of workout that I love!