Friday night Jim and I went to dinner at Fountainhead. Fountainhead is one of our favorite local spots, and in the summer they have an amazing rooftop. Fountainhead is located in North Center in Chicago. They serve American fare that always has a fun twist. Their beer menu is extremely large and rotates regularly based on many things, including the season. They also have plenty of cocktails and a large wine list. Although I wasn’t partaking in the drink menu this time, I was happy to order a yummy mocktail.  Jim ordered a beer but I don’t remember what it was! I know it was a sour beer though… One of his favorite types of beer at the moment. The lighting wasn’t very good for picture taking!


We started wth the pub cheese as an appetizer and it was delicious!

After the appetizer, we browsed the menu. I was already starting to get full so I didn’t want a huge meal. I decided to go with the mussels and frites. Jim got fried chicken with mashed potatoes. Both were excellent! I really loved Jim’s mashed potatoes. I would order the chicken in the future just to get those potatoes!

Pub Cheese



Fried chicken and potatoes

In the past, we would have stayed for more drinks, but times have changed, so we headed home and watch Interstellar.  All in all, a good Friday night!