This year has been a great one! Pretty much everything in my life remained the same- same job, home, etc. The obvious highlight of 2015 for me was getting pregnant! There were lots of other great things too.  One of my brothers got married, one got engaged and moved, and the other one is halfway through his junior year in college. My mom moved and we said goodbye to my childhood home. Jim and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Three friends got married and we went to some fabulous weddings. We welcomed a new niece into Jim’s family. Jim and I took our first trip to Cape Cod together. We also went on our third trip to Napa together. All in all it was a great year! Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!



I am not doing the typical New Years resolutions this year, like losing weight and getting in shape, because those are not things I can work on, or really need to work on right now. I do have two goals- to go to church more, and to not let people’s opinions of me bother me so much. I struggle with trying to please everyone, even though it is impossible to make everyone happy. I also struggle with taking things personally at work, and I am deciding to only check my emails when I am at work to create a better work- life balance. 
I hope you have a great New Year’s!