My sweet Connor has colic. He takes Zantac for acid reflux but we don’t know what the cause is. I read the Happiest Baby on the Block recently and the Happies Baby Guide to Sleep,  and have been following the ideas and suggestions in the books. The website has lots of great info and the books have even more!  The cause of colic is unknown but whatever the cause or reason, babies cry for at least 3 hours a day 3 times a week. Connor cries a lot! In the beginning it used to freak me out and I would be crying right along with him. Now I am more used to it but it is stressful and I do everything in my power to help him. Thankfully Connor is much better than he used to be but he still has fussy times and even fussy days. For my baby this is what happens and how I try to deal with it. Of course every baby is different! 

Reasons for crying  

Being hungry- I think every baby cries because of this! 

Being in his car seat- he hates it! 

Being overtired- if Connor goes more than 90 minutes awake, he gets overtired and then he can’t seem to settle himself down. 

Overstimulated- Connot doesn’t like loud noises or loud voices, and gets overwhelmed, especially if he is tired. He deals with this by crying. Some babies deal with overstimulation by sleeping and some deal with it by crying. Connor chooses crying! 

Having a tummy ache- when Connor is gassy or has a belly ache he cries. 

Unknown- Connor sometimes cries and we don’t know why!

How we help calm the crying and deal with colic 

The Happiest Baby book talks about the 5 S’s- sway, swaddle, shoosh, side/stomach, suck

Sway- I walk with Connor when he cries. He is heavy! My arms are so tired all the time but it works for him. Sometimes I walk for hours at a time! 

Swaddle- at night we swaddle him so his arms are pinned down. During the day I try to calm down his arms if he is crying. 

Shoosh- I have the white noise app and it helps tremendously!

Side/stomach- when I’m carrying Connor it helps to have him up against me on his side. 

Suck- sometimes he likes a pacifier but not always. 

Tips for dealing with colicky babies if they aren’t yours

It can be hard for family and friends of a colicky baby. It can be stressful and overwhelming when the baby is crying a lot. Here are my tips to anyone who encounters a colicky baby. 

Let the mom or dad calm the baby- many people are tempted to try to calm the baby down and use their parenting skills to try to stop the baby from crying. For me, it makes the situation 1000 times more stressful and overwhelming because the baby gets worked up even further. It is easiest to just let me calm him since I am with him the most. 

Don’t take it personally-it might seem like the baby is crying because of you but it’s not! Babies cry. There is no rhyme or reason to it. And the fact of the matter is, babies usually cry less with their moms than anyone else because, well, it’s their mom! 

Be extra nice to the parents- being a new parent is hard, and being a parent to a colicky baby is really really hard! Give the parents some extra love! :) 

Respect the parents’ wishes- sometimes it’s hard to take Connor out. Sometimes we prefer to stay home because it is easier and works best for him. All parents of babies need to do what is best for the baby first and foremost! 

Know that this is a stage- colic ends eventually, and a happy smiley baby emerges. You will get to play and laugh with the baby eventually. 

Connor is feeling better than he used to and I hope this trend continues! If you have tips for colicky babies please share! 

Shower # 3

My cousin Michelle threw me a shower over winter break and I’m just now getting around to posting about it! All of the showers were so fun and we felt so blessed! The decorations for baby showers are endlessly cute!!

  The rubber ducky theme was so fun!  
 All my girl cousins ❤️

  The most delicious sugar cookie!  

My first glass of wine 

Post baby, that is :) This past weekend we opened a bottle from one of the wine clubs we belong to.  We have a huge stockpile of wines because we received a bunch of shipments during my pregnancy. We decided to go big and open one from Goldeneye. This was a yummy Pinot noir. I was excited to indulge in a glass of wine after all the hard work of being pregnant and having a baby. It was definitely as delicious as I remember!  We won’t be opening many of these expensive bottles in the near future but it is fun to splurge occasionally. 

  Recovery mode on the couch. And no, I didn’t drink the whole bottle haha! 

Shower # 2

This past weekend Jim’s mom threw is a beautiful shower at Pinstripes. They have a great brunch and we got a private room. Our family and friends have been so generous and loving and I feel so lucky!  Unfortunately most of the pictures won’t upload for some reason, including all of the pictures with actual people in them! But here are the ones that will upload. 



Baby Showers!

This past weekend we had two baby showers. My friends had planned a surprise couples shower, and without knowing, my mom had planned a friend shower for me, so we ended up having two showers with my friends!

We started the festivities off at Tango Sur an Argentinean steak house that is BYOB.  It was slammed, so we were really glad we had reservations! My awesome friends each brought a book for a mini present on Saturday night, and then they also came to the other shower on Sunday.  It was so fun to catch up with everyone and enjoy a delicious dinner.  Everyone headed out to a bar afterwards, but Jim and I went home and watched Iowa lose in the Big Ten Championship.



 Sunday we headed to the burbs for my official friend shower!  My mom and aunt worked so hard to make everything perfect!  It was so fun to see old friends and talk about all things baby.  It was also so fun to reminisce about our wilder, single days too.  :) Some of my friends drove all the way out from the city, and one of my friends even came with her one month old.  I felt very loved, and so lucky to have such a great group of friends for so many years!


Pregnancy Week 31 Updates

I haven’t posted a pregnancy update in a while now!  Here is week 31!

Baby’s Size

Baby is the size of a winter squash (not sure what that really is!) and is between 15-17 inches long.  He weighs between 2.5 and 4 pounds

Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 20 pounds

Week 31- 1 pound


I caught a cold at the end of the previous week and it lingered around for this week.  Each morning when I woke up, I barely had a voice, and kept coughing at night.  Other than that, my back is still painful but I’m managing it the best I can, with physical therapy, yoga, and wearing the most comfortable shoes I have. I still have lots of Braxton Hicks, especially later in the day and at night, but I am used to them now!


Prenatal yoga and walking.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

None this week

Week 31 Milestones

This was Thanksgiving week so it was one of our last holidays without baby! We also went on a trip to Michigan over the long weekend, which is our last trip without the baby.  I can’t travel any more after the weekend of December 6th, so our next trip we take will be very different!  On Saturday, my mom and brother drove up to Detroit to visit my other brother, and Jim and I stayed in New Buffalo.  We did some Christmas shopping, and then just relaxed for the almost the whole afternoon.  It is very unlike us, but it was really enjoyable, and I realized having the whole day to ourselves is something that will be a distant memory soon!

Looking forward to:

Our upcoming showers!!

Fun Stories

It was fun to see our families over Thanskgiving, and to see our new niece.  It makes me so excited for our own newborn soon!


Friday Peaks of the Week

This week has been a good one! We had Wednesday off for Vereran’s Day and today I have a conference about reading! I love when the schedule is broken up with different things here and there! Here are some Peaks of the Week! 


It’s no secret that I love coffee! I don’t have a problem with the red cups, and love getting a latte once a week as a treat! 

A day with my mom

On Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment and my mom took the day off to hang out with me! We went to lunch at the and did some shopping. It was amazing!  

Shopping, shopping, shopping for baby!

We have been buying a ridiculous amount of things for baby lately. Most of it is all necessary, but I also bought a few fun things as well! 

The little bears are too cute! 

Physical Therapy

I started going to physical therapy for my back this week and will go twice a week for 6 weeks. So far I think it has helped a little. The massage definitely helped relax everything and my physical therapist sent me home with some exercises and stretches to do. I am so happy to have some relief! 


Pregnancy Week 28 Updates


Baby’s Size

Baby is the size of a papaya and is between 13-15 inches long.  He weighs between 1.5 and 2.2 pounds
Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 17 pounds

Week 28- 1 pound


This week was a doozie of a week in terms of how I felt. I woke up Monday morning with some cramping.  I figured I would wait a while and it would go away but it didn’t.  So I took a sick day, and went to the doctor.  She couldn’t really figure out why I was having these symptoms, but told me to rest.  The cramping continued throughout the day and night.  Then starting Tuesday, my back started killing me.  I had back problems since high school, so my back has been bothering me on and off throughout this pregnancy.  This pain, however, is much worse than before.  It is very common, and my back and legs hurt.  It is not pleasant, though! I am starting physical therapy today, and hope that helps a little bit.  I have also been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions in addition to a little cramping.  I guess my body is really telling me to slow down!!


Basically none.  I did a little prenatal yoga and stretching, but that’s it this week.  I’m hoping to feel better this upcoming week so I can get back to a little activity.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

We have been going crazy getting the nursery ready!  We bought a shelf, a tapestry, and drawer pulls for his room.  I also completed my baby registry this week.  We bought a crib mattress, a diaper genie and a video monitor.
Week 28 Milestones

We took a newborn care class this weekend.  It was very informative, and I am definitely glad we went.  The nurse who taught the class talked a lot about SIDS, and I feel knowledgeable enough to hopefully not be a total stress ball when he first comes home.  It was funny to see adults holding baby dolls throughout the whole class.  I felt bad leaving the baby on the table so everyone was holding the doll the whole time.  It was also really fun to see Jim practice changing a diaper and getting ready to be a dad!


 Looking forward to:

Finishing decorating our nursery.  We have it set up, but still need to finish decorating and putting the finishing touches on.

Fun Stories

For the last few Fridays, we have been trying to go out to dinner and enjoy the freedom we will not have again for a long time.  It has been nice exploring our neighborhood and revisiting some of our favorite restaurants. We went to a French restaurant this Friday, and had a delicious meal! 


Week 22 Pregnancy Update

Now that I am back to work full time, my days and weeks are flying by.  Every weekend and most week nights have been packed full of family and friend activities, and I have been finding myself way too busy!  The good thing is this part of my pregnancy has been going by incredibly fast!!  I can’t believe that we are less than 4 months from meeting baby boy!

Baby’s Size


Baby is the size of an eggplant.  It is about 12 inches long and weighs somewhere around a pound.
Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 11 pounds

Week 22- 1 pound


Teaching first grade and standing all day has been tough.  My legs, feet and back hurt everyday.  I have been trying to figure out the best type of shoe to wear to work to help my back, but also save my poor feet!  I think I have figured out that a low heel is what works best.  Thankfully I have lots of comfy and cute booties and boots for fall and winter so I’m really glad the weather is changing because I have zero comfortable summer shoes!


Prenatal yoga, Barre, and walking.  I started doing some of the barre classes online from and really like it!  I forgot how much I like barre classes.  I even looked into joining a barre studio but there are none that work out with my schedule.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings

Still just desserts! My appetite was pretty much gone all week for some reason, but I still kept eating enough calories because I know the baby needs it.

Baby-related purchases

On our babymoon to Lake Geneva, we bought this cute sign for the baby’s room.  We have also started researching strollers, cribs, and car seats.  There are SOOOOO many options!!  

 Week 22 Milestones

I started calling daycares to start touring them, and realized for some, we are already too far behind!  This lead to a flurry of daycare visits.  We toured 5 all together after work the past few weeks and picked a great one for the rest of this year.  I hate the thought of sending my baby away for the day, but sadly, there is no alternative at this point.  We also looked into nannies and nanny shares, but for now, we are going the daycare route.  The daycare we chose is awesome-it’s brand spanking new, and just opened a few weeks ago.  The facility is beautiful and literally on my way to work.  This means I get as much time with the baby as possible.  Also, they have an app where you can see the baby on video any time you want during the day.  This makes me feel so relieved that anytime I want to, I will be able to see how he is going.  The staff seemed really friendly and kind, and in general it seemed like a safe, healthy place for our baby to go.

Looking forward to:

We are going to start painting the nursery soon to prepare to set it up!

Fun Stories

Our babymoon was also the highlight of this week!  Getting away just the 2 of us was really nice.  It is really hard for me to fathom what it will be like, and how different our lives will be, but I am trying to enjoy living in the present as much as possible and am trying to not constantly think about January! 

Sunday morning walk with coffee makeup free :)

Friday Peaks of the Week #2

Saying goodbye to summer!

It’s been a busy week getting ready for school! I can’t believe summer is over and school is starting! I went into my classroom a few times this week, and also tried to enjoy my last few days of summer, and my last few days off EVER where I only had to worry about myself and could nap and read a book in bed if I wanted! I watched my fill of HGTV, The Real Housewives, online shopped, and read a lot of good books this summer. While I will miss it, I am excited to get back into a routine, and meet my new kids!

Listening to my body

I have been super hungry this week and yesterday was so hungry at 10:30 that I ate either a second breakfast, or an early lunch of peanut butter and honey on toast. It has been pretty fun to not worry about counting calories or if this was in my “plan” for the day. I have always been good about listening to my body, even before pregnancy, but have been even better about it now. If I’m hungry, it is for a reason, and I need to eat! I have been eating very healthy, and always make sure I have lots of fruits and veggies and dairy in my diet. I have also let myself indulge in a daily dessert- a few pieces of dark chocolate, gelato, or sometimes a more decadent dessert out at a restaurant. I don’t feel guilty at all about this because I eat well and stay active so I know I’m doing everything I can to help the baby grow and be healthy!  Earlier this week I had been forcing myself to get up at 5 and stop taking a nap to try to get ready for my school schedule. I was doing a million things and was super tired. Coupled with restless sleep at night, I ended up with a huge headache on Thursday. I took this as a cue to chill out and relax. In a few days I won’t have a choice and will have to power through my days, but for now, I should listen to my body and sleep when I’m tired, and take it easy when I have the chance!

Cuddly cat

The weather was quite fall-like in Chicago this week, which meant my cat Penny was super cuddly. Even when I was trying to type on the computer or needed to get up, she wanted to still be on my lap. I’ll take all the cuddles I can get!

Easiest dinner in the world

I whipped up a super fast and healthy dinner this week for us. I got a pound of cooked shrimp from the grocery store and stir fried it with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and a bit of soy sauce. I served it over brown rice- the Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice. It came together in a flash, and was tasty and healthy!

Pottery Barn Baby 

Somehow I got this catalogue in the mail without signing up for it. I normal would be annoyed and toss this type of mail, but I LOVE Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids, so I was super excited to look at all of the beautiful things and start thinking about our nursery!