Pregnancy Weeks 11-13

Baby Size

I wasn’t good about taking pictures because we were so busy these weeks!

Week 11- Baby is the size of a fig

Week 12- Baby is the size of a plum

Week 13- Baby is the size of a peach.  Definitely noticing some physical changes!  Starting to need to unbutton my pants.  :)

Weight Gained

Total gained so far:  2 pounds

Week 11- 0 pounds

Week 12- 1 pound

Week 13- 0 pounds


Week 11- Pretty much the same symptoms I have been having all along.  I am super tired, but have the luxury of getting enough sleep so I don’t feel completely miserable.  I have still been having headaches a lot.  Still have a super duper sensitive stomach.  I feel like I can’t eat anything even remotely “exotic”.  Peanut butter and I are not friends right now at all :-(

Week 12- Same as Week 11.  Headaches and upset tummy a lot, but could also be due to A LOT of stress in my personal life.

Week 13- Same as before, but I haven’t had as many headaches.  My stomach is still really off.  Maybe feeling little less tired?  I hope!!  Heartburn is returning with a vengeance.  I am definitely feeling thicker around the middle and if I feel around my tummy area I can feel my uterus which is as hard as a rock.  To me, I look super pregnant, but I know nobody else can tell. :)


Week 11- Piyo, T25, walking, and yoga

Week 12- 21 Day Fix Extreme (modified), walking, yoga

Week 13- 21 Day Fix Extreme, walking

Food Aversions

My meat aversions have calmed down a little.  I even ate a pulled pork sandwich, and had some chicken!  I still can’t fathom eating a plain chicken breast on its own or chopped up in a salad.

Food Cravings

I have been loving summer fruit like watermelon and cherries, but I don’t really consider this a craving.  I still have a massive sweet tooth, but that is not pregnancy-related!

Baby-related purchases

Week 11-Nothing!

Week 12- Nothing, but we did receive our first gift- an adorable onesie from Denmark!

Week 13- Nothing

Week 11-13 Milestones

I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat twice!! I went in during week 10 because of a UTI and was surprised because the nurse practitioner told me we could listen to it. It was AMAZING!  Then during week 11 I had my monthly checkup and my mom came along to hear it too.  Hearing the heartbeat was the first time I realized that there truly is a living baby in me!

We had so many people in town for my brother’s wedding, and they all knew I was pregnant and it was so fun to share our excitement with everyone!

I started telling the rest of my friends I am pregnant during week 13, and it is always to fun to let people in on my excitement!

Looking forward to:

I am finally starting to relax and enjoy my pregnancy now that I am further along.  I started reading more books, and am getting excited about having a baby bump and planning our nursery in the future.

I am also really looking forward to feeling better.  I can’t wait for that to start…any day now!

I can’t wait to publicly announce my pregnancy to the world, and to my colleagues.  It will be nice to be out of hiding and to be able to be able to talk and write about it!

Fun Stories

As silly as this sounds, receiving the onesie from my brother’s family in Denmark was so exciting to me.  Nobody had given me anything since I announced my pregnancy, and I just couldn’t stop looking at it!  It is still so surreal to me that there will be a real baby wearing that soon!  It made me so excited for what is to come.

We had 4 late nights in a row because of all of the out of town guests.  The first night, the party was at our house.  I managed to entertain and stay up until midnight–the latest I have stayed up this pregnancy.  I was very proud!  At my brother’s wedding, I danced and had fun (even without wine ;)) and stayed until 11 pm.  I considered this a major accomplishment since I had been up since 6, and was getting ready with the bridesmaids all day.

At my brother’s wedding, Jim was dancing with me and kept touching my “bump” and saying hi to the baby.  It was so cute and so fun to see him starting to get excited about everything.

Pregnancy Weeks 8, 9, and 10

Baby Size

Week 8- Baby is the size of a raspberry

Week 9-Baby is the size of a green olive

Week 10- Baby is the size of a kumquat

Weight Gained

Week 8- 0 pounds

Week 9- 0 pounds

Week 10- 2 pounds


Week 8- FATIGUE!!  I’m so tired I feel like a zombie for most of the day.  Lots of headaches that last for a long, long time, unless I take a Tylenol.  I have tried to not take Tylenol, but sometimes have no choice.  A very sensitive stomach—if I eat things that are too spicy, greasy, or hard to digest like nuts, I am super sick. It is also so hard to stay hydrated.  I feel like I drink water all day long, and still am dehydrated half the time.

Week 9- Same as Week 8

Week 10- Same as Week 8 and 9.  Also, I have had crazy hunger that comes on so incredibly fast. I’ll be fine, then all of a sudden, I feel so hungry that I feel sick.  It’s nothing like I’ve ever felt before.  I was at Ace Hardware with my mom and had to buy a bag of Combos to eat in the store I felt so crazily hungry!


Week 8- Piyo and walking

Week 9- T25 (modified), Piyo, and walking

Week 10- T25, Piyo, walking, and yoga

Food Aversions

Meat!!  I can’t even think about chicken, ribs, pork, and pulled pork.  Rib Fest was on our street during week 8, and i was dying with the smell and watching everyone eat ribs.

Food Cravings

I haven’t had any real cravings.  I always want sweets, but I don’t think that is related to pregnancy.  😉

Baby-related purchases

Week 8- I bought Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.

Week 9- Nothing–wayy to nervous to buy anything for the baby yet!

Week 10- Same!

Week 8-10 Milestones

I had my first doctor’s appointment!  I also had my first ultrasound during week 7 (which was actually week 6).  I was SO nervous to go to the ultrasound, and as soon as we saw the little tiny baby and it’s heart beating, I felt so overjoyed and happy!

Looking forward to:

Going to the doctor next week to hopefully hear the baby’s heartbeat!!  I feel like after this, my first trimester will be over, and I will be able to really start to enjoy my pregnancy, feel better, and start SHOPPING and planning!!!!

Fun Stories

Telling our families and friends!  We told our immediate families right away, and they were so happy.  We told most of our friends during week 8, because we had people over for a party, and it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t drinking.  My friends were SOO excited and hugging and happy, and it was such a special moment.

My Weight Loss Story

It was January 2014.  I went to put on a pair of jeans, and I couldn’t physically get them onto my legs.  I knew that I had not been eating well or working out enough for the past few months, but this was my ah ha moment.  I had just gotten engaged and I wanted to get married feeling my best.  I knew this wasn’t my best.  I have never been a person who is overweight, and I was still not overweight at this time.  I never really struggled with weight, and pretty much ate healthy.  However, I noticed that once I turned 30, my metabolism slowed down a little.  I couldn’t just eat wings and fries and drink beer with no repercussions, like I used to.  I had just moved in with Jim that September, and basically ate whatever he ate.  Chips and dip?  Sure!  Craft beer?  Yes please!  Pizza and wings?  Why not!  Needless to say, I wasn’t able to keep that up for long.  Since Jim is 6’2″ and I am 5’4″, I knew I couldn’t eat what he ate on a regular basis.  I also knew that starving myself and using fad diets don’t work for me.  I am not the type of person to try juice cleanses or cabbage soup diets. I went back to my old stand by.  I had completed P90X a few years back, and liked some of the workouts, and the eating plan.  I pulled out my old DVDs and the eating plan.  I started following the eating plan, and doing the cardio and leg workouts.  I also kept going to hot yoga classes.  The weight started coming off!  In January of 2014 I weighed 134 pounds, and by March of 2014 I weighed 125 pounds.  I was so proud of myself!  I added in Insanity to mix things up, and started running again.  At the time of my wedding I weighed 122 pounds.  I didn’t follow the P90X eating plan for long, but it reminded me of the basics of healthy eating.  A protein, healthy carb, and fruit or vegetable with each meal.  Plus 2 snacks a day.  Because I ate this way, I was never starving, and never felt deprived.  I still indulged in treats on a regular basis- either something sweet, or a drink.  I had some dark chocolate instead of a huge dessert.  I had a glass of wine instead of a carb-heavy beer.  One of the most important things I did was to stop eating when I was satisfied.  I never allow myself to get stuffed, because that is when I feel miserable!  I still eat this way, and, for me, it is the key to success.  My workouts have changed throughout the last year and a half.  I continued running and hot yoga.  I did Piyo, T 25, and now am doing 21 Day Fix.  This winter, I was doing Piyo and running a lot, and I added in Shakeology.  I drank Shakeology for my breakfast everyday, and lost 3 more pounds.  Now I have leveled out at 119 pounds, which is a healthy weight for someone who is 5’4″.  I feel great about myself, and I feel healthy.  I am in the best shape of my life!  There was no magic trick, pill or quick fix.  Portion sizes, exercise, and moderation!

Beachbody Coach

A few months ago, I was reading a blog, and the blogger was talking about how she became a Beachbody coach.  Beachbody has programs such as P90X, Insanity, T25, 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and many more.  I have been a Beachbody customer for almost 10 years, and have completed tons of their programs.  Last year I lost 15 pounds from using the P90X eating plan, and a combo of P90X, hot yoga, and running.  The blogger asked if anyone was interested in joining her in coaching.  I responded that I was interested.  Since then, I have been working hard at running monthly challenge groups, and immersing myself in the products.  I love being able to help others on their health and fitness journeys, and I truly feel that the workout programs help support a healthy lifestyle.  Right now I do a combination of T25, and Piyo, and I am in great shape, and only have to devote 30 minutes a day to exercise. I have also been drinking Shakeology. Shakeology is amazing! It contains so many super foods and packs a huge amount of nutrition into one drink. It also has helped so much with my raging sweet tooth. If you want more information about anything please message me! Also, here is my website where you can see all of the products!