What I Ate Wednesday

This is my first time doing a What I Ate Wednesday post!  I’m so excited to start this fun and link up with so many other bloggers http://peasandcrayons.com

I started my day with a big jug of water!  I have been trying so hard to start the day off hydrated.

 Then I had Shakeology.  I had chocolate with chocolate milk and fresh mint.  It was so delicious!  juliaschachtfitness.com I have been experimenting with lots of flavors lately, and they are all so good!  The trick is to add other ingredients to turn it into a true smoothie. 

 Later that morning I had a snack- Rainier cherries straight out of the bag.  I can’t get enough of these this summer.   They are so sweet.  I could eat them like candy!

 For lunch I had really random assortment of leftover food.  I haven’t been to the store this week, so I was scrounging around for something semi healthy.  I made a quesadilla with cheese, and a salad with olive oil.  I also had a fruit and veggie bar from Nestle for dessert. 

I headed to my future sister in law’s hair trial for her wedding! Beforehand, I stopped into Starbucks and got a passion iced tea, plus two snacks.  I got a Kind bar, and tried a new flavor- almond coconut cashew chai.  It was SO good!  I loved the combo of coconut and chai flavors. I also got a fruit and nut blend for some extra protein.

 Since this is my first WIAW post, I totally forgot to take a picture of my dinner!  Oops!  First timer mistake.  I had Greek food, and ordered white fish with veggies, and rice pudding for dessert.  Next week I will be sure to take better pictures and take pictures of my dinner! :)

Morning happiness

Now that I am on summer break from school, I am home all day. My happiness consists of many things throughout the day.  I especially love the beginnings of each day. I have time to buckle down and get busy, but can do it on the couch!! 

I have started chugging a bottle of water before anything else. It starts the day out right!

I love being on my own schedule- who doesn’t! Coffee, kitty, and productivity! 

After that, I tackle my workout for the day- usually T25 or Piyo.

Beachbody Coach

A few months ago, I was reading a blog, and the blogger was talking about how she became a Beachbody coach.  Beachbody has programs such as P90X, Insanity, T25, 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and many more.  I have been a Beachbody customer for almost 10 years, and have completed tons of their programs.  Last year I lost 15 pounds from using the P90X eating plan, and a combo of P90X, hot yoga, and running.  The blogger asked if anyone was interested in joining her in coaching.  I responded that I was interested.  Since then, I have been working hard at running monthly challenge groups, and immersing myself in the products.  I love being able to help others on their health and fitness journeys, and I truly feel that the workout programs help support a healthy lifestyle.  Right now I do a combination of T25, and Piyo, and I am in great shape, and only have to devote 30 minutes a day to exercise. I have also been drinking Shakeology. Shakeology is amazing! It contains so many super foods and packs a huge amount of nutrition into one drink. It also has helped so much with my raging sweet tooth. If you want more information about anything please message me! Also, here is my website where you can see all of the products! Juliaschachtfitness.com