Kindness project Day 7

It is the final day of the kindness project!  I have felt so good trying to be extra kind.  I also have tried to eliminate extra stress from my life during this time, and it has done wonders for my psyche.  The combination of being extra nice, and eliminating toxicity in my life has really made me feel wonderful.  Today’s challenge is a little more work than the other days, because it is the last day, so we have to go big!  I challenge you to “pay it forward”.  This can be in whatever way you choose.  Maybe pay for the next person in the drive through or coffee shop.  Leave some change in the vending machine.  Pay someone’s toll.  Give to a charity.  Or do more than one thing!  I am planning on paying it forward today, and also am going to continue to challenge myself to continue to do kind things everyday. 


Kindness Project Day 6

Today I challenge you to show some extra affection to someone you love.  This can be someone you see today- give them a hug or kiss for no reason. Or this can be someone you aren’t even with- send them a text telling them you love them.  How good would you feel if your sibling send you a text saying he loves you?  Or your husband gives you an extra hug?  I would feel amazing!  I can’t wait to shower the people I love with extra affection today! 


Kindness Project Day 5

The kindness project is coming to a close soon.  I have enjoyed doing a few small things each day that I normally would not do to be extra nice.  Today’s challenge is to reach out, visit, or send something to someone who is sick or needs a little pick me up.  I hope that you do not have anyone who is truly sick in your life.  If you don’t, think of someone who is in need of a little extra love.  Think of something nice you can do.  Send them flowers?  Spend an afternoon together?  Even just a quick phone call can make a person’s day completely different.  I do have someone in my life who is sick, so I visited her in the hospital yesterday.  She is surrounded by people who love her, but I wanted to be one more person showing my love for her. 


Kindness project day 4

I took a few days off blogging because my little brother got married! I will be making a full wedding post soon! I am excited to get back to my kindness project to finish out the 7 days! Today my kindness challenge is to recycle. I must admit that we don’t recycle. It is a horrible thing! When we moved in I always planned on getting a recycling bin, and somehow never did. Today I am going out to get one. It is not hard for us at all– all we have to do is dump the garbage in the garbage dumpster, and the recycling in the garbage dumpster. This simple act conserves natural resources, reduces pollution, and reduces waste. If you don’t already recycle, I encourage you to start!!

Kindness Project Day 3

Did you compliment someone yesterday?  If not, you can do it today! :)

Today I challenge you and me to contact an old friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while.  Everyone has friends who live far away, or whose life is different than yours, and you have drifted apart from.  I challenge you to contact this friend!  How great would you feel if you heard from someone out of the blue?  Make someone else feel good and just send a quick hello how have you been email!

Kindess Project Day 2

Yesterday I challenged myself (and you) to do something kind.  I thought I would start with a very simple task and smile at someone.  Sometimes we are so embroiled in our own lives, our phones, and our to-do lists, that we forget to actually look up and smile and make eye contact with people!  At least I do!  I went to Starbucks yesterday and made sure I was friendly with the workers instead of trying to get in and out and multi task on my phone during the whole process.  I felt good after I left! I didn’t do anything over the top, but I smiled, was extra polite, and it reminded me that this is how everyone should act all the time when they are at a restaurant or store! 

 Today, I challenge you to compliment someone.  It can be someone you are with, or a stranger.  How good does it make you feel when someone compliments you on your shoes, your hair, or something more profound, like they way you are doing your job?  I challenge you, and myself to compliment someone today!

Kindness project

There is so much sadness in the world.  There are difficult, mean people.  There are tragedies and killings.  Every day there is crime, murder, and hatred.  Some of this is in our own lives.  There are people who dislike us, and there are sad situations that we cannot control.  Everyone’s life has sadness and nobody’s life is perfect.  However, instead of focusing on the bad parts of life, I am trying to go towards the positive, and think of all of the things I am blessed with.  I have an amazing husband.  He is truly the best.  I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends.  We are blessed with good health, and good jobs.  There are parts of every day that I smile and am happy.  There are so many people in the world who have it way worse than I do, and would do anything to have their health, a good job, or a happy marriage. It seems that the month of December is filled with opportunities to be charitable and be kind.  But the other 11 months of the year kind of fall by the wayside.  I was thinking of volunteering or donating to a charity this month, and then thought it would be fun to try something different.  I am going to do one random act of kindness each day for a week.  I encourage you to do it too!  None of these will cost money or be time consuming, but they will be quick, easy ways to show someone you care about them.  You can do this with someone you know, or someone you don’t.  Someone in a grocery store, at the coffee shop, or on the street.  Or someone who needs a little pick me up because they are going through a hard time.  For the first day, I thought I would start with an easy one- smile at someone!  When you are checking out at the store, or buying a coffee today, smile at the person who helped you!