Pregnancy Weeks 11-13

Baby Size

I wasn’t good about taking pictures because we were so busy these weeks!

Week 11- Baby is the size of a fig

Week 12- Baby is the size of a plum

Week 13- Baby is the size of a peach.  Definitely noticing some physical changes!  Starting to need to unbutton my pants.  :)

Weight Gained

Total gained so far:  2 pounds

Week 11- 0 pounds

Week 12- 1 pound

Week 13- 0 pounds


Week 11- Pretty much the same symptoms I have been having all along.  I am super tired, but have the luxury of getting enough sleep so I don’t feel completely miserable.  I have still been having headaches a lot.  Still have a super duper sensitive stomach.  I feel like I can’t eat anything even remotely “exotic”.  Peanut butter and I are not friends right now at all :-(

Week 12- Same as Week 11.  Headaches and upset tummy a lot, but could also be due to A LOT of stress in my personal life.

Week 13- Same as before, but I haven’t had as many headaches.  My stomach is still really off.  Maybe feeling little less tired?  I hope!!  Heartburn is returning with a vengeance.  I am definitely feeling thicker around the middle and if I feel around my tummy area I can feel my uterus which is as hard as a rock.  To me, I look super pregnant, but I know nobody else can tell. :)


Week 11- Piyo, T25, walking, and yoga

Week 12- 21 Day Fix Extreme (modified), walking, yoga

Week 13- 21 Day Fix Extreme, walking

Food Aversions

My meat aversions have calmed down a little.  I even ate a pulled pork sandwich, and had some chicken!  I still can’t fathom eating a plain chicken breast on its own or chopped up in a salad.

Food Cravings

I have been loving summer fruit like watermelon and cherries, but I don’t really consider this a craving.  I still have a massive sweet tooth, but that is not pregnancy-related!

Baby-related purchases

Week 11-Nothing!

Week 12- Nothing, but we did receive our first gift- an adorable onesie from Denmark!

Week 13- Nothing

Week 11-13 Milestones

I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat twice!! I went in during week 10 because of a UTI and was surprised because the nurse practitioner told me we could listen to it. It was AMAZING!  Then during week 11 I had my monthly checkup and my mom came along to hear it too.  Hearing the heartbeat was the first time I realized that there truly is a living baby in me!

We had so many people in town for my brother’s wedding, and they all knew I was pregnant and it was so fun to share our excitement with everyone!

I started telling the rest of my friends I am pregnant during week 13, and it is always to fun to let people in on my excitement!

Looking forward to:

I am finally starting to relax and enjoy my pregnancy now that I am further along.  I started reading more books, and am getting excited about having a baby bump and planning our nursery in the future.

I am also really looking forward to feeling better.  I can’t wait for that to start…any day now!

I can’t wait to publicly announce my pregnancy to the world, and to my colleagues.  It will be nice to be out of hiding and to be able to be able to talk and write about it!

Fun Stories

As silly as this sounds, receiving the onesie from my brother’s family in Denmark was so exciting to me.  Nobody had given me anything since I announced my pregnancy, and I just couldn’t stop looking at it!  It is still so surreal to me that there will be a real baby wearing that soon!  It made me so excited for what is to come.

We had 4 late nights in a row because of all of the out of town guests.  The first night, the party was at our house.  I managed to entertain and stay up until midnight–the latest I have stayed up this pregnancy.  I was very proud!  At my brother’s wedding, I danced and had fun (even without wine ;)) and stayed until 11 pm.  I considered this a major accomplishment since I had been up since 6, and was getting ready with the bridesmaids all day.

At my brother’s wedding, Jim was dancing with me and kept touching my “bump” and saying hi to the baby.  It was so cute and so fun to see him starting to get excited about everything.