Cooking Class

For Jim’s birthday, I got him (and me) a cooking class at The Chopping Block in Chicago. There are so many choices but I chose New England Lobster Party since we are heading to Cape Cod on Friday!

  On the menu:

Boiled Maine lobster with buerre blanc

Fennel and new potato salad with roasted garlic vinaigrette

Grilled corn on the cob with dill butter

Individual blueberry cardamom crisps-I forgot to take a picture! :-( 

The class was very informative, and the recipes were simple enough that I would actually try them again, but we still learned a lot from the class.  You worked with another group of 2, so it was fun to socialize with other people and work together.  One thing I was shocked about was how we prepared the lobster.  I thought you just drop the lobster in the pot, but actually we were instructed to tear the tail and claws off the lobster (when it was ALIVE)!  I was not a fan of this, so I took the instructor’s lobster that was already ready to cook.  The upside to preparing the lobster this way was it was easier to eat afterwards.  I would probably not make lobster this way again, because I was too grossed out but if you have the stomach for it, it cooks more evenly, and you don’t have to deconstruct the whole thing while you are eating.  After we made everything, we got to eat everything and it was all so delicious.  We were beyond stuffed after this decadent meal.  It was a really fun experience and I would love to go back with another couple so we could all work together!