Cape Cod 2016

We had a wonderful trip to Cape Cod this year.  We were adventurous and drove from Chicago with a 6 month old baby!  I was nervous since he doesn’t like the car seat very much but it went way better than I expected!  We stopped in Syracuse and Boston on the way there, and Buffalo and Cleveland on the way back.  Our trip was filled with family, beach days, lobster, shopping, and relaxing.

I was surprised how fast the trip flew by this year, and I attribute it to the fact that being with a baby is so busy.  There is more work involved, but the payoff is so great.  Seeing my baby at the beach and with our family made my heart so happy.

We ate out a bit and ate in too.  Jim made lobsters one night, which is always fun. We went on a quick date night to Chatham Bars one night, and went out with my cousins for drinks to The Squire another night.

We took a day trip to Provincetown one day, and Nauset Beach another day.

Being at the beach and smelling the salt water is magical to me. I have gone to Cape Cod almost every summer of my life, and it is truly my happy place!

Date Night at Chatham Bars Inn

When we were on vacation, my mom treated us to a gift card to the Chatham Bars Inn for our anniversary! Chatham Bars Inn is a resort hotel in Chatham.  

 It is stately, and beautiful! It was built in 1914 and represents old Cape Cod. With it’s traditional coastal decor and timeless feel, it is a must-see. We usually go every year for brunch, and we did again this year. I have never been for dinner so I was excited to try it. We opted to eat outside, either at their Veranda dining room, a dining area on the front porch of the Inn, or at The Beach House, a bar/restaurant down by the ocean and pool. We put our names in at the Veranda, and headed down by the beach for some drinks. 


The beach bar and the beach area are beautiful and fun! There was live music, people everywhere enjoying food and drinks, and it was a fun, vacation vibe.  There are fire pits, cabanas, and everything you need for a beach day. We walked around and enjoyed the gorgeous views.  Then it was time for our meal, so we headed back up to the Inn. 

   The Veranda overlooks the ocean, and serves small plates and light fare.  Since we wanted to eat outside, we knew this was a good choice.   



 The views were breathtaking- the sun was setting, so the whole sky was pink.  We decided to order calamari, and a lobster pizza flatbread.  Both were outstanding!  



  It was such a nice, laid back way to celebrate our anniversary, and enjoy a night out on the Cape.  There are many other dining options at the Chatham Bars, and I can’t wait to go back next year! 


Making a Lobster Dinner

One night on Cape Cod, we decided to make lobsters!  Jim was inspired by our cooking class, and lobster is extremely plentiful on the Cape, so we decided to buy some live lobsters and make a feast!

First we went to the fish market and purchased them.  They were all out of smaller lobsters, so we just had to get the 2 pounders! :)

It was a little freaky having them in the back of the car, but we all survived 😉 When we got home, Jim got water from the ocean to steam them with.  Then some of us posed with them.  We managed to get them in the pot and closed the lid.  It was definitely kind of gross, and I felt bad for them, but I guess that is the way the food chain works.

While we waited, we had some drinks on the beach.

After about 40 minutes, we checked and they were ready.  We just got some sides from the grocery store, and some delicious bread, because the lobster was the shining star of this dinner.

 We ate outside and enjoyed the sunset and water views!  Pretty much heaven!  The lobster was outstanding!  Making it at home was way cheaper than going out, and it was a fun experience.  I can’t wait to go back next year and do it again!  And enjoy some white wine with it! :)