We ran the half marathon!

After all our training we are done! We ran the Rock and Roll half marathon yesterday. This is my second half marathon (I ran the Chicago half in September). I felt a million times better this time! I felt happy and upbeat the whole run and didn’t experience any knee pain until mile 12. I was so pumped that I was able
To run pain free this time. I fully attribute it to doing yoga while training. It kept my muscles toned and stretched. Now we are just 5 days away from our wedding!

Since it was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I started out the run without music.  I figured I would eventually put on my earphones when the run got tough.  I have NEVER run without music before!  However, there were so many distractions I ended up never putting on my music.  In the beginning, I was enjoying people watching, and taking in the scenery of downtown Chicago.  Later on in the run, I got lost in my thoughts.  I have gone through a very tough time this year and have found running to be absolutely therapeutic.  Around mile 6 through the end, there was music- either a band or a DJ, and a live drummer to keep the runners entertained.  From mile 10-11, there was a DJ and speakers all along the mile which I really enjoyed!  Miles 11-13 were a little tougher, but I knew we were SO close!  During mile 12, I was starting to have knee pain, but I was really happy that knee pain waited until mile 12.  Last time, my knee started hurting during mile 4, which was miserable!!  We finished the run and were so happy to be done!  We grabbed some of the snacks and drinks, and got on the El to go home.  Later in the day we went to brunch with my mom and brother, and then had a celebratory beer!  It was a great day and I feel so proud that we pushed through and trained during our very busy wedding planning time!



Half Marathon Training with Yoga Mixed in

I am training for a half marathon in Chicago that is on July 19th.  My fiancee do all of our runs together and it is motivating to have a running buddy.  I also like to incorporate yoga into my training for strength and stretching.  I am doing modified Hal Higdon plan.  This week my plan is:

Monday:  25 minutes hatha yoga

Tuesday:  60 minutes power yoga

Wednesday:  60 minutes yoga sculpt, 5 mile run

Thursday:  60 minutes yoga sculpt

Friday:  10 mile run

Saturday:  off or 60 minutes power yoga

Sunday:  off


I also am car-less this summer, so I have been walking to yoga, and everywhere!  About 2-3 miles a day.  With all of this activity, I have been increasing my caloric intake a bit to make sure that I am getting enough nutrients.  So far it has been fun!  We just keep getting caught in the rain on our runs—up to 4 rainy runs now. :)