7 miles

It was really hard to motivate myself to get off my comfy couch, with my warm coffee and cozy blanket to run today. It was a bone chilling 0 degrees when I started. It was sunny though! So I made myself get out there and go. As soon as I started I was glad to be running and felt warm after just a few minutes. The half marathon is just a little more than a month away and I feel pretty excited for it! 

after my run the windchill warmed up to a whole 1 degree!

thank goodness for sun!

California Vacation

I went on a fabulous 5 day trip to California!  We spent the Valentine’s/President’s Day extended weekend in Sonoma and visited Napa as well.  It was in the 70s and sunny everyday, and it was quite a wonderful break to the winter!  We visited our favorite wineries and ate lots of delicious food.  I can’t wait to go back again!





Happy vacationers


Gorgeous Scenery


Valentine’s Day Happiness


My Favorite Duckhorn Winery!




Sonoma Sunset


An evening glass of wine


Ravenswood in Sonoma


Gorgeous Vineyards and Mountains













Snowed In!

Pretty Iowa

Pretty Iowa

Chicago is snowed in today! We visited my brother in Iowa this weekend, and had quite the drive back home.  After a harrowing 7 hour drive home from Iowa yesterday, we got stuck on our own street, and thanks to the help of 3 neighbors/Good Samaritans, we were able to get pushed into our alley and somehow made it into the garage.  All the schools are closed, and I am happy to be cozy and inside for the day!

Buried cars

Buried cars

Our front gate is almost buried, and these poor cars will have to be covered for at least a few more days.


Iowa City!

Iowa City!

My little brother is a student a the University of Iowa.  We loved visiting him and reliving our younger years :)

The drive home

The drive home

These were the good parts of the roads on the drive home.  Lots of the day was much worse!