Morning happiness 

I started my morning with a cup of hazelnut coffee. My Grand Canyon mug makes me want to go back!!

I did a quick 30 minute vinyasa flow in my living room. I am going to run after work so didn’t want to do cardio. A quick yoga flow was a great way to stretch out and start the day on a positive note! 

As I was getting ready for work this morning I put on Jack Johnson. I almost forgot how great his music is, and how it always makes me happy! 

Ready to seize the day!!

A week of positivity- Thursday through Sunday 

The end of the week had some hardship but I still tried to focus on the positives, and of course, there were plenty of good things!

Rhododendron in the yard! Spring is here! 

A little vino in the yard! So happy that it is nice enough to sit outside now.

We decided to get adventurous and make sushi! We went to a fish market and got raw, sushi grade salmon. Then we got all the accessories. It turned out delicious!! 

Sushi chef in action! 

We made mussels for dinner on Sunday night and they were so good! They are from Provincetown and make me so excited for summer vacation on the Cape.  I think the best part about mussels is dipping the bread in the white wine and shallot sauce!

A week of positivity –Monday through Wednesday 

This morning when I woke up I though, “uggg it’s raining, it’s a Monday morning, it’s the first day back after spring break.”  This combination is bound to make the week start out on a depressing note. I decided to change my perspective and focus on positives throughout the week. Changing my mindset hasn’t worked for every minute of the week, but in general, I have felt very upbeat and positive. Here are some positives from the week. 

Sperry weather! The spring means I can wear spring shoes again! Bring on fun flats, pumps, and wedges! 

Flavored coffee! We started making flavored coffee at home, and every day feels like a treat!  Instead of making regular coffee, and splurging on coffee shops, making it at home has been much cheaper and that way I get yummy coffee everyday! 

I went for one of my first post-half marathon runs this week. I was delighted that the sky has light at 6 AM, and there are signs of life everywhere! 

I can’t wait until everything is in full bloom!! 

And finally, cozy kitty snoozing in bed! :-) 

Focusing on the positives from the first three days of the week has been really fun and good for me. I will continue to focus on the positives for the rest of the week! 

Mad Men and Pinot

Last night we finally sat down to watch the latest episode of Mad Men.  I am SOO sad that this show is almost over.  I love it!  To celebrate Mad Men, we decided to open up a bottle of Goldeneye Pinot Noir.  I am not a wine expert by any means and just started enjoying good wine in the last few years. It is fun to keep track of what we drink and what we like/dislike. Wine is fascinating to me and I hope to learn more about it in the future! 


The bottle we tried last night was called Ten Degrees and it was from 2012. We became big fans of Duckhorn Winery in Napa on our honeymoon this past July.  Lately, we have been getting more into Pinot Noir lately, so we switched our membership to Goldeneye (another winery in the group that focuses more on Pinots).

Wine Tastes!

Wine Tastes!

We visited Duckhorn on our honeymoon, and again during our trip in February.  It is such a beautiful winery, and guests can enjoy sitting outside on their porch to wine taste.  There are flowers everywhere!  On our trip in February, it happened to be Valentine’s day, so each table had gorgeous roses.

Valentine's Day Roses!

Valentine’s Day Roses!

On our recent trip to Napa

On our Recent Trip to Napa

Honeymooning at Duckhorn!

Honeymooning at Duckhorn!

The wine we had last night was Ten Degrees Goldeneye Pinot Noir from Alexander Valley.  It was $115 for wine club members.  That is a lot of money, so I was expecting this wine to be pretty good.  And it was! It was amazing!  There were hints of pepper and berries.  I would definitely buy this wine again!


Post Half Marathon Yoga

Since my half marathon I haven’t done much in terms of exercise.  I have been walking and doing some light stretching.  Today I put on some tunes, and did a little yoga!  I have not gone to the yoga studio I belong to since the run, because I am trying to take it easy for a few more days.  The last half marathon I ran, I started working out right away and my knee hurt.  This time I decided to do it right, and follow the rules for recovery!  Tomorrow I am planning on doing a longer yoga session and maybe a 30 minute run.  It has been pretty enjoyable to take a few days off of formal exercise and catch up on  Downtown Abbey and other Bravo reality shows that rot my brain!

Post Half Marathon Yoga


Half marathon! 

I ran the Chi-town half marathon on Saturday! It was a chilly windy start to the morning but as soon as I started running I warmed up. It was a challenging run because it was pretty windy at times, and it was a smaller race so there wasn’t music along the way, or many cheering fans. However, I kept telling myself to keep going and by mile 11 was feeling good and ready for brunch!