Pizza on the grill 

Last night we made pizza on the grill! We started with a pre-made crust that is made for pizza. Next time it would be fun to try making it from scratch! 

Then put it on the grill until the bottom side turned golden brown. After it is, flip it over, and add your toppings. Ours were pesto, cheese, tomatoes, basil, and ham. 

Let it cook until the crust is brown and the toppings are melted. 

Super easy week night dinner for summertime! 

Arugula salad

As a part of my lunch today I made this delicious summery salad. I started with arugula. I love the spicy flavor it has. 

Then I added feta cheese. I like to use fat free, because I eat a lot of dairy, so I try to make sure I eat fat free or 2%. 

Next I added watermelon. Watermelon, to me, is the epitome of summer fruit. I can eat it like candy! The sweet flavor complements the spiciness of the arugula. 

I got some mint from the yard. The mint plant is getting huge! 

I topped it off with some olive oil for healthy fat. 

All together, I had a summery salad with a interesting mix of flavors! 

Beachbody Coach

A few months ago, I was reading a blog, and the blogger was talking about how she became a Beachbody coach.  Beachbody has programs such as P90X, Insanity, T25, 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and many more.  I have been a Beachbody customer for almost 10 years, and have completed tons of their programs.  Last year I lost 15 pounds from using the P90X eating plan, and a combo of P90X, hot yoga, and running.  The blogger asked if anyone was interested in joining her in coaching.  I responded that I was interested.  Since then, I have been working hard at running monthly challenge groups, and immersing myself in the products.  I love being able to help others on their health and fitness journeys, and I truly feel that the workout programs help support a healthy lifestyle.  Right now I do a combination of T25, and Piyo, and I am in great shape, and only have to devote 30 minutes a day to exercise. I have also been drinking Shakeology. Shakeology is amazing! It contains so many super foods and packs a huge amount of nutrition into one drink. It also has helped so much with my raging sweet tooth. If you want more information about anything please message me! Also, here is my website where you can see all of the products!

Mani pedi

To start out my summer break, a friend and I met up to get our nails done. I LOVE getting my nails done! Normally I don’t do it too often because I am pretty good at doing my own manicures. However, in the summer I treat myself to regular pedicures. We had a great time chatting and catching up while being pampered. What a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon! I am thankful everyday how lucky I am to be able to be off in the summer and feel so lucky! 

Saturday morning 

I love Saturday mornings. The weekend has just started, the possibilities for the next two days are endless. It is a time to relax and start the day slowly.  My favorite way to start the weekend is with coffee (of course!!), catching up on the DVR, reading magazines and a good book. After an hour or so I’m ready to take on the day!