Adding some fall 

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the changing weather, the leaves, and the excitement of the new school year. While I miss my laid back summer days, I am happy to replace those with productivity and all things pumpkin! Here is how I added some fall to our home this year!  

I bought these pumpkin dish towels from Target on a whim. 

  Orange candles and some mini pumpkins on our table.   

An orange vase and fall leaf display.

  A welcome sign by our door downstairs 

Apothecary jars with fall leaves and pumpkins, plus my favorite fall scents from Bath and Body Works.

Fall bouquet and a pumpkin plate.

A black cat for Halloween 😉 


Now that October is almost here I am excited to add some Halloween into the mix!

Baby moon 

Jim and I went on a super fast babymoon to Lake Geneva this weekend. It was fast but fun. We went up after work Friday and got dinner at Sopra Bistrot and shared lobster wontons and mussels.  Both were delicious! 

On Saturday we walked around and shopped. We also went miniature golfing- I’ve been wanting to all summer!  We also saw a classic boat show! We ate a lot of good food and I ate ice cream twice! 


 I loved the fireplace  because the nights were chilly.

  Classic boat show in Fontana!

  Sunday morning selfie! 

  Even though our trip was only 36 hours it was still a nice getaway and I feel very relaxed! 


I had a busy week and was totally exhausted every night, dozing off before 9:00 every night. My back, legs and feet hurt like crazy. Standing all day is rough with a baby on board! I was more than happy to have a low key weekend with just a few plans. Our weekends have been, and will be jam packed, and while it is fun, it is also exhausting!   

Here are some eats and some highlights from the weekend! 
Friday morning I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte- skim with one pump of syrup. I don’t like all the sugar flavor of the regular ones so I just get one pump. 

  Brown rice and veggie salad. 
Friday night we got carry out from a Mexican/Asian place that we have never tried before.  I chose a California role but this was what I got— not what I was expecting! It was veggies wrapped up in the seaweed wrapper. 

To salvage the dinner Jim made cookies!  


Saturday I had my friend Huda’s wedding shower. It was fun to see all of my friends and celebrate the bride!


Sunday we went to Jim’s favorite place on earth… Costco! We got a rotisserie chicken for lunch and had a salad with it.  

Finally, Sunday night we had ribs on the grill that Jim made. So good! I has about 1/4 of my portion. Then we ended the weekend by going to the movies to see Black Mass.  

And just like that, the weekend was over! 

Week 20 Pregnancy Update

Somehow I missed writing a 19 week update.  Here is week 20!

Baby is the size of a mango.  At the doctor he was weighing in at about 13 ounces, so a little bigger than my app says, and is about 10 inches long crown to heel.
Weight Gained

Total gained so far:  8 pounds

Week 20- 1 pound


Not too many-back pain and a few head aches.  It was my first week back at school, and the beginning of first grade is exhausting-pregnant or not.  I tried to stay off my feet during my prep period, and sit down after work.  I don’t feel too bad though, so I’m really glad I started school in my second trimester!


Prenatal yoga, modified T25, and walking

Food Aversions


Food Cravings

Still just desserts!

Baby-related purchases

None, but I have been obsessing over decorating the nursery! I also need to buy some more maternity clothes soon!

Week 20 Milestones

We found out the gender at the end of week 19, so I have still been riding the high of that!  Now that we know we are having a boy, I am so excited to start planning the nursery.  It is fun to be able to think of the baby as a “he” and imagine what our life will be like with a little boy!

Looking forward to:

Registering, and starting our nursery down the road.  Also just looking forward to him being here!

Fun Stories

Now that I can feel the baby kicking from the outside, it is really cool to be able to show people when he is kicking!

Wedding Festivities

Jim’s best friend got married this past weekend. It was so fun! I did a very bad job at taking pics but managed to snap a few. The rehearsal was Friday and the dinner was at Carnivale. It was so nice and they even had a guitarist and photographer! The food was delicious. I was really really tired after finishing my first week of first grade so I felt like a zombie by the time we left. Determined not to feel the same way at the wedding, I made sure to rest during the day on Saturday! The wedding was at the  W City Center. It is such a cool hotel, blending the old architecture with modern decor. Our room was quite possibly the tiniest room I’ve ever seen!  

We could have upgraded and paid more but it was just one night so it was no big deal. The room was still really nice and cozy! Jim’s friends from France were in town so they stayed with us Friday and Sunday which was an added bonus to the weekend!  

The ceremony was in a beautiful room in the hotel. The candles lining the aisle made it feel so intimate. 

 The room was gorgeous and the flowers made it even more pretty!   


The bride and groom were so busy that we didn’t get a chance to take a picture with them but they seemed so happy! All in all it was a great wedding weekend! 

Friday Peaks of the Week

Starting School

It is our first week back at school, so I didn’t take many pictures, and most of my energy was focused on getting my first graders into the swing of things. Teaching first grade while pregnant is nothing short of exhausting! I could go to bed at 8:00 every night if that were possible! My class is adorable, as usual, and it seems that it will be a great year! 

Thursday Dinner Out

Jim’s best friend is getting married this weekend and his other friend is staying with us for the weekend. It’s definitely going to be busy and crazy so we went to a nice dinner last night. It was really nice to not worry about what we were cooking for once! I had bolognese pasta. Yum!  

  My date! 
Overnight Oats

I’ve seen people post about overnight oats for years now, but I never tried tj myself. I have been making them each night and they are so good and so easy for weekday breakfasts! I just throw in some oats, a Greek yogurt with fruit, and some milk. It sits overnight and becomes a delicious breakfast!   It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes good! This was yesterday’s eaten in the car. 


I used to rely on caffeine in the beginning of the school year- a cup of coffee in the morning, and another or a tea in the afternoon. Now I can only have about 6 ounces of coffee a day so I’ve been savoring it, and also having some decaf to try to trick myself into thinking it’s the real deal :-)  

  Quickie workouts

I’ve been relying more and more on 30 minute workouts this week because I have to squeeze it in before getting to work. I have still been loving yoga and T25. 

No Chip Manicure

I had seen the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel no chip nail polish in the store but haven’t tried it. Sally Hansen Miracle GelI figured I would try it out because my nails chip so fast usually. I don’t know how long it will last but hopefully longer than just a few days like normal nail polish.  


Some eats this week

I’m not going to do a what I ate Wednesday post because my weekday lunches and breakfasts are incredibly monotonous when school is in session. Overnight oats, salads, hummus, string cheese, etc. I thought it would be more fun to share some of my good meals from the past week!  

Alaskan king crab legs and asparagus. So delicious and decadent! 

Chicken tacos  
Fresh tomatoes from the yard… Can’t get enough of them!   

I’ve had other good meals but have failed to take pics of them.  I’m determined to get better at photographing my life for the blog!! 

Gender reveal party 

This weekend we found out the gender of our baby– a boy! It was so exciting to find out! We went to our ultrasound appointment Friday morning. I was nervous because I haven’t had an ultrasound since week 6. Everything looks good and the baby is 58th percentile for weight! As soon as I saw the baby’s profile on the screen, I thought he looked so adorable, and suddenly didn’t care what the gender was. I was just so happy that there was a healthy baby in there. I couldn’t believe how much he looked like a baby compared to last time when it was just a blob.

  I went to work after that and was dying all day to open the envelope that would tell us the gender of our baby.  

 As soon as I got home we opened it. A boy!!!! It was such an exciting and happy moment! Jim made a special dinner to celebrate, and before that we went and bought our first baby boy things-a onesie and pacifier.  

The next day we had our Gender Reveal party. Since Jim and I already knew we got the balloons and made the box for them to float out of. My mom, Jim’s parents, and my aunt helped set up and make the party beautiful!  

We opened this box and the blue balloons came out to show everyone that baby boy is on the way!

  Our guests could vote on the gender and then we picked one name from the winning jar to win this wine!   

Voting cards!   

Adorable fruit salad!   

All in all it was a really fun weekend and we are so excited to start planning for our baby boy! 💙

Week 18 Pregnancy Update

Week 18


Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato.  It weighs about 8.5 oz, and is about 6 inches long crown to rump. You can finally see my bump in this picture!  Suddenly this week, it popped, and now it is apparent that I am pregnant.  It is still tiny, but it’s there!
Weight Gained

Total gained so far:  7 pounds

Week 18- 1 pound


Not too many- one headache day, and some back pain.


Prenatal yoga, modified T25, and walking

Food Aversions


Food Cravings

I just want a dessert everyday.  I have let it get a little out of hand, so I’m going to reign it in. :)

Baby-related purchases

None, but I bought a few books.  One on newborn care, and two on sleep training without crying.  For some reason I have been thinking about sleep training and how I can’t see myself letting my baby cry.  Different things work for everyone, of course!  Who knows!  I might totally change my tune once the baby is here, but I figured I would start reading up on sleep training without crying it out.

Week 18 Milestones

None, really that I can think of.  I started going back to work, so I have been really busy and a little distracted! I love feeling the baby move, though, and check in with myself a few times a day to make sure I have felt it. 

Looking forward to:

Still waiting on that ultrasound!!!!

Fun Stories

It was fun fully going back to work and seeing everyone and talking about the baby! Also we babysat my cousin’s baby who is 9 months old, so it was really fun to get a glimpse into what our life will look like soon! It will be busy and tiring but so worth it!!

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here is everything I ate yesterday. It is a bit random, as I started back at work. Also, I’ve been feeling extremely full and having some tummy issues lately, so I’m trying to eat small amounts more often throughout the day.

I couldn’t resist this pumpkin oatmeal at the store! It is good and I added some cinnamon on top! But I am going to make my own, healthier version soon. 

    A half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  

Delicious La Croix and string cheese.

Love these Kind bars
We were out of groceries so I had an oj to get in some fruit.

A tomato from our yard… Something about home grown tomatoes is so much better and different than tomatoes from the store.

My friend gave me these and I can’t stop eating them! They are so so good!

  Because we were out of groceries we went to the store to replenish our stock. Since it was dinner time, we just got some to go options there. Salad bar!
California roll with cream cheese and brown rice.

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