Sunday morning I took my first barre class at Pure Barre. I had taken a few barre classes at a yoga studio but wasn’t sure how it would be to take one at an actual barre studio, especially while in my 27th week of pregnancy.  I enjoy at home workouts, but I miss the vibe of a studio, and the energy of taking a group class.  I also know I push myself harder when someone is telling me what to do. I miss going to hot yoga SO much, but since that is not an option for a while, I thought this would be a good alternative.  When I arrived at the studio, the instructors were very friendly and welcoming.  They had me sign up and showed me around.  Then one of the instructors showed me the equipment I needed.  She told me I would probably feel totally lost during this class, because she did during her first class.  Then she showed me a handout about pregnancy modifications.  I read through the handout, and suddenly wondered if this was a mistake.  There were so many modifications, it seemed, and I had never even been here before.  What am I doing?  I thought to myself.  But soon the teacher came in and the class started.

From having done a few barre classes online, and at my old yoga studio, I was happy that I didn’t make a total fool of myself.  I kept up with the exercises, and since the instructor showed us the exercises, I was able to mimic her.  I had to modify the ab exercises, but most of the workout I could do just fine.  I loved pushing my body (safely within the limits my little passenger has set for me), and the upbeat music and encouraging words of the instructor motivated me to work hard.  I really like how you burn out a specific muscle group, stretch, then move on to another muscle group.  It was a really challenging class, and I felt amazing afterwards.  I signed up for one month unlimited, so I will be returning tomorrow!  Since I am a morning person, there are 6 am classes during the week that I can go to before work to get my sweat in first thing! I am happy that I got myself out of my comfort zone and tried the class, because I think I found a new type of workout that I love!

Pregnancy Week 26 Updates

 Baby’s Size

Baby is the size of a papaya and is between 13-15 inches long.  He weighs between 1.5 and 2.2 pounds
Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 15 pounds

Week 26- 1 pound


Sleep has been a little rough.  I can’t stay comfortable and wake up with my back, hips, and legs hurting a lot.  On Friday this week I was so incredibly tired all day. It reminded me of my first trimester.  All I could do was count down the hours left until I could go home and lay down.  That afternoon I got a slight headache that progressed into a full on migraine by the end of the night.  It was the worst headache I’ve ever had and I was a little freaked out.  I went to bed early, and woke up feeling fine.  I had been pushing myself all week to wake up at 5 (when we normally wake up) even though I was tired so I guess my body was telling me to slow down!


Prenatal yoga and walking. I’m excited to try out a barre class at a studio next week because I really miss the vibe of a studio and group class.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

None, but my mom got us a beautiful snowsuit.  It is so soft and I can’t wait to put him in it!

Week 26 Milestones

I didn’t do a Week 25 update, so I’ll put it in this one.  I had failed my glucose test, and had to take a long one last week, but passed it.  I was really relieved to have passed!!  The 4 hour test consisted of fasting after 10 pm, and going in in the morning to drink the sugary drink again.  They took my blood every hour for a total of 4 times to see how my body reacted to the sugar.  Afterwards, I ate a snack followed by lunch, because I was starving!  It wasn’t that bad, really.  My poor arms took a beating, though.  I was just happy it was all fine!

I celebrated my birthday this week!  There was no wine or going out for drinks for this birthday, and I was totally okay with that! :)  I am so excited that we are three months away from meeting the little guy.

We took a baby class!  It was all about labor and delivery.  It was definitely a little scary, but necessary, and I feel really prepared for all of the possibilities when we have the baby.  We also got to take a tour of the hospital, which was nice to know exactly where we will go, and all of the steps you go through the day you are in labor.  The hospital is so nice, and we might even luck out and get a lake view in our room!  It made me a little nervous, but more so excited for the big event to be here!  We are taking two more before the baby is here- newborn care and infant CPR. I like to be as informed as possible!

Looking forward to:

Next weekend we are painting the nursery, and then setting it up!

Fun Stories

My students don’t seem to notice that I’m pregnant.  They know I am because I told them at the beginning of the year, but they are in first grade, and it doesn’t seem to phase them.  The older kids are more aware of it, and one of my former students said “It looks like you are going to have a baby!”  I said, “That’s because I am!”  So funny how kids are so honest.  A lot of the other kids stare right at my belly when they walk past me. ha!

Celebrating My Birthday

Last week I turned 33! Yikes!  That sounds old.  But I am happy with where I am in my life, and definitely have an exciting year coming up!  . This year has had ups and downs, like all years, but all in all it was a pretty good one! Instead of waiting until New Years to make resolutions, I figured I would start now. After reflecting on the past year, I have a few goals in mind for 33.  I want to try to stop worrying so much about what others think of me.  I will never be able to make everyone in my life happy.  I try my best to be a good, loving person, and that is all I can do.  I also want to try to let go of my Type A tendencies as much as possible.  I will basically never finish my to-do list, will never have a completely clean and neat home, and that’s okay.  I want to enjoy my life and not be so hung up on perfection in general.  Hopefully I can accomplish some of these goals!

My birthday was a good one this year!  It was a school day, and my kids knew it was my birthday, so they were really funny about it.  They were also extra wild, which made it a little more challenging.  :)  My mom came down and we went to dinner with Jim. We went to Due Lire.  We had calamari, and I had short rib ravioli.  Both were excellent!  I decided to leave my camera in my purse and just enjoy the dinner.  After that, we had apple pie that Jim bought.  He also got me beautiful flowers and a Tory Burch Fit Bit bracelet!  I love it!  I love wearing my Fit Bit but hated the ugly gray holder, so this is perfect.  It feels more like a piece of jewelry than a fitness tracker now. 

 Friday night we went to Paris Club for a nice French dinner.  We had escargot as an appetizer.  I ordered steak frites and Jim had duck.  He finished his meal with a bourbon drink that looked amazing! The service and food were excellent.  Our reservation was at 6:30 and we were heading home when most people are just heading out.  Pregnant life!  


I was showered with treats and flowers galore from my family! All in all it was a great birthday and I felt very loved!


My First Yoga Class

I have always been a yoga lover. I started in college by doing online yoga classes to help with stress and stretch each day. I continued for a few years after college but let my practice fall by the wayside, in favor of running and strength workouts. A few years into working, my coworker and friend told me about a yoga studio near our school in Chicago that offered yoga sculpt classes.  Core Power Yoga She encouraged me to come try a class.

I went with and was shocked and amazed at what I experienced. The studio was packed full of women and men, all clad in trendy, expensive yoga clothes. I was wearing a t-shirt from grad school, and running capris. I immediately felt intimidated. I was in fairly decent shape from running and doing strength workouts, but I looked around the room at the toned and buff yogis all stretching on their mats before class started, and questioned what I had gotten myself into. I had never taken a hot yoga class, and was a bit put off by the heat. I was already starting to sweat and we hadn’t even begun. I quickly began to make my exit strategy if needed. I would simply tell my friend that I hadn’t eaten enough that day and was feeling too hungry. I planned the path I would walk through to get to the door. I even calculated how fast I could get home and in the shower and on the couch. Tomorrow morning I would pop in one of my workout videos and return to the safety of my comfort zone.

All these thoughts were running through my head, when the instructor walked in and instructed us to get into child’s pose. Luckily, I had done enough yoga in my past to know the poses and not look a complete buffoon. As we moved through the warm up, I thought, okay, so far I don’t need to flee. But we will see. I was beginning to enjoy the class- the instructor was incredibly positive and encouraging, and played music that I had on my own playlists. This particular class was a yoga with weights class, so it was not a typical vinyasa-style yoga class. Many yogis would say that it’s not a true yoga class, but I didn’t know any better at that time. (And still love this type of class today!)

When we started adding in the weights, the music started picking up it’s pace, and pop and dance-style tracks started playing. I was surprised, and always thought of yoga as just stretching with calming music. Boy was I wrong! The energy in the room was contagious. Everyone was working hard, and there were even cardio bursts thrown in, with everyone doing high knees, mountain climbers, and burpees. I was sweating like I had never sweat before, and hurting like I had never had before. I truly realized I had never had a workout this hard, yet I was loving it. As the class continued, I realized how I never pushed myself this hard when I worked out at home. I realized the group mentality was something I thrived on. I also realized that I was HOT! Eventually the vinyasa and weights calmed down, and finally we were done with weights. We continued to flow, but we were cooling down. The room was still incredibly hot, and my heart was racing.

Before we even went into final savasana, I knew I was hooked. Before we even left the studio, I signed up for a package of classes. Within a few weeks of going, I became an unlimited monthly member. Although I now practice many other types of yoga besides vinyasa with weights, I still remember my first class. I was so surprised that yoga could be so diverse. I didn’t know there were other types of yoga that were a full body workout, and that encompassed so many other types of exercise but still had the main aspects of a vinyasa class.

Yoga is still my preferred type of workout, and one of my favorite things about it is the fact that I can do a hatha class and just relax and stretch, or I can do a hot vinyasa with weights, and get my booty kicked! I have tried lots of studios throughout Chicago, and love the small independent ones.  I also simply practice yoga at home a lot. I am glad that my planned escape at my first yoga class was not necessary, and I am even more happy that I didn’t chicken out and run away because I would have been missing out on my favorite type of workout. I also learned since my first class, that there are all types of people who do yoga- old and young, thin, buff, average, and overweight. It’s not necessary to have the fancy yoga clothes, or yoga gear. All you need is a mat, and some workout clothes, an open mind, and a desire to work hard.

If you are a newbie yogi, or are stuck in a rut and haven’t tried other types of yoga, step out of your comfort zone and try something new! A hot vinyasa-style class requires a mat, a towel, and workout gear. Some of these classes include weights, but the weights are provided by the studio. Always practice hatha? Why not try a vinyasa class? You might be surprised that the calm and stretch you get from yoga, coupled with more intense work for your muscles could be just the thing for your body.


Weekend Highlights

This weekend couldn’t have been any busier, but it was a fun one! Friday we babysat my cousin’s baby and it was fun to hang out with him and get some practice. After he went to bed we watched The Leftovers. It is such a creepy show!! 

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed out to the burbs to go to the pumpkin farm with Jim’s family.  

After we got home we got ready to go to my friend’s wedding at Navy Pier. It was a beautiful venue and so fun to see all of my friends. We have had so many weekends together it will be sad to get back to normal after this!  

Sunday we went to my aunt and uncle’s house to get some furniture they got for our nursery! So excited to set it all up! We ended the weekend with a delicious dinner of lobster tail, mussels, and asparagus. And for dessert we had some delicious coffee cake my aunt made! All in all it was a great weekend!  


Pregnancy Week 24 Updates

I can’t believe I’m already 6 months in!

Baby’s Size

Baby is the size of an eggplant, weighing about a pound and measuring in at about one foot. This picture was from my friend’s rehearsal dinner!

Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 12 pounds

Week 24- 0 pounds


I have been feeling pretty good!  My back pain is pretty well under control with lots of yoga.  I had been having a lot of round ligament pain, but this week it was pretty good, and I was able to go on long walks without having to slow down and wait for the cramping to subside.  Unfortunately my sleeping has been absolutely horrible.  I woke up 3 mornings in a row before 4:30 with my hips and back hurting, and then never went back to sleep.  The lack of sleep has made for some pretty miserable days.  I’m hoping to somehow remedy this!


Prenatal yoga, Barre, and walking. My workouts are so much lighter than before pregnancy, and I’m okay with that.  I am really excited to get back into hard workouts and running post pregnancy.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

We bought a crib this week!  I can’t wait to put it together!  I also started really researching and registering for things we need. Our goal is to have everything bought and ready to go by the holidays.

Week 24 Milestones

We repainted my old dresser.  My parents bought it for me from a garage sale back in my single girl days.  Jim and I just repainted it to freshen it up.  It’s a perfect height to make a changing station on top, and I also think it is kind of fun to use my old dresser for a new reason!

Unfortunately, a not-so-fun pregnancy milestone this week was my glucose test.  I went to the doctor knowing I had to take it, and wasn’t concerned at all.  The drink tasted good to me, giving blood doesn’t phase me, and I eat healthy and exercise.  I assumed I would pass with flying colors.  I was shocked Friday afternoon when the doctor’s office called me and told me I failed.  This definitely threw me for a loop.  Now I am rethinking everything I have done.  Have I not exercised enough?  Has my daily dessert had that much of an impact on my health?  Am I hurting the baby?  I read up a lot on gestational diabetes, and am going to take a 4 hour test on Tuesday to definitively tell if I have gestational diabetes or not.  To be continued!

**I took the 4 hour glucose test this week, and I DO NOT have gestational diabetes! Woohoo!  I will write more about it in my week 25 post!**

Looking forward to:

Actually starting to buy all of the things we have been researching endlessly like a stroller, car seat, and nursery decor!

Fun Stories

Wedding number three of this pregnancy was this weekend! Everyone was so sweet telling me I barely looked pregnant, looked adorable, etc.  Definitely good for the ego, when you’re not feeling your best!

Weekend Highlights

This long weekend was a good one! Friday we went to dinner with my mom to celebrate her birthday. I forgot to take pictures.

Saturday we relaxed and researched strollers. There are so many options! We have narrowed it down to two- City Mini by Baby Jogger and Bravo Trio System.  We are going to make our final decision soon!

Later in the day, we headed to the suburbs for my friend’s wedding rehearsal!  We stayed at a Sheraton and it was a nice hotel for a wedding. Sheratons always have nice rooms and amenities for a fair price. I love weddings at hotels because it is so great to just go upstairs to your hotel room at the end of the night!  Sheraton  

We had the rehearsal and dinner and again I forgot to take pictures!

Sunday was the big day!  We started getting our hair and makeup done and it was so fun hanging out with some of my best friends in the world.  As with every wedding, the getting ready process flies by, and soon it’s time to get dressed and go!   




 The wedding ceremony was at Cantigny Park a beautiful outdoor site. There are gardens everywhere, and beautiful fall colors in the trees and flowers. We got so lucky with the weather, and it was 77 degrees out. October in Chicago can be freezing, so we were pumped that the weather gods were so kind to us! The ceremony was beautiful.  

  It was a Muslim ceremony, and I have never experienced one before.  It reminded me very much of many wedding ceremonies, and the bride and groom’s vows were perfectly “them”.  Soon we returned to the hotel for the ceremony.  We were led around by a Middle Eastern band to kick off the night.  The reception was so fun, and it was great to see so many of our college friends that we haven’t seen in a while. I especially liked the photo booth, and the ice cream bar.  All in all it was a great day!  I only made it until 11 that night, but tried my best to hang with everyone for as long as I could :) 


Monday was Columbus Day, so it was a day off!  We headed back to the city, but before we got on the road we stopped for breakfast.  Multigrain pancakes and bacon.  So good!   

 Later in the day we walked to Wrigleyville to experience the excitement. The Cubs haven’t been in the playoffs since 2003, so everyone is very exciting! It was fun to walk through a small part of the craziness.  I would love love love to go to a game, but alas, we don’t have an extra $1000 to spend on a few tickets.  We are really hopeful that the Cubs can keep going! 



   Monday night Jim made lamb on the grill with asparagus.  It was incredible!  So tender and juicy.  Definitely a nice way to end the long weekend! 


Some recent eats 

Here are some recent meals we have had! Since I’ve gotten a little more adjusted to my new schedule I got the urge to do a little cooking and meal planning lately. 

Lobster bisque soup and a salad. Costco for the win! I can’t claim that I made this delicious, decadent soup.  
Cucumber with tomatoes from the garden.  
Healthy homemade chili- just two types of beans, ground beef, chili powder, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic and onions. Such a good fall comfort dish! I made cornbread muffins to go with but forgot to take a picture! 

Jim made chicken with fingerling potatoes and more tomatoes from the yard. Plus a take and bake bun from the store.

  My favorite pumpkin bread from Starbucks. I definitely don’t eat this on a regular basis for breakfast but it was so worth it!  
One more fall treat- a pumpkin cupcake- this was amazing!  That’s what happens when a pregnant lady goes grocery shopping hungry! 



It was another super busy weekend packed with family and friends! Friday Jim and I went to see The Martian which was awesome! Before that we had sushi. Even though I miss raw sushi, I have been making due with California rolls and shrimp tempura!  

Saturday morning we had our nephew’s third birthday!  

As soon as we got back to the city I changed and went to my friend’s to set up for my friend’s bachelorette party! We had dinner and presents and games at the house, then everyone took a party bus around the city. I went home after the party because pregnant ladies and party buses don’t mix very well :) it was so fun to see my friends and we are all so excited for the wedding next weekend!  

Finally, Sunday we went to my mom’s because my little brother was home for the weekend from college! It was great to catch up with him. 
That’s the weekend! Back to the weekly grind!

Week 22 Pregnancy Update

Now that I am back to work full time, my days and weeks are flying by.  Every weekend and most week nights have been packed full of family and friend activities, and I have been finding myself way too busy!  The good thing is this part of my pregnancy has been going by incredibly fast!!  I can’t believe that we are less than 4 months from meeting baby boy!

Baby’s Size


Baby is the size of an eggplant.  It is about 12 inches long and weighs somewhere around a pound.
Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 11 pounds

Week 22- 1 pound


Teaching first grade and standing all day has been tough.  My legs, feet and back hurt everyday.  I have been trying to figure out the best type of shoe to wear to work to help my back, but also save my poor feet!  I think I have figured out that a low heel is what works best.  Thankfully I have lots of comfy and cute booties and boots for fall and winter so I’m really glad the weather is changing because I have zero comfortable summer shoes!


Prenatal yoga, Barre, and walking.  I started doing some of the barre classes online from and really like it!  I forgot how much I like barre classes.  I even looked into joining a barre studio but there are none that work out with my schedule.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings

Still just desserts! My appetite was pretty much gone all week for some reason, but I still kept eating enough calories because I know the baby needs it.

Baby-related purchases

On our babymoon to Lake Geneva, we bought this cute sign for the baby’s room.  We have also started researching strollers, cribs, and car seats.  There are SOOOOO many options!!  

 Week 22 Milestones

I started calling daycares to start touring them, and realized for some, we are already too far behind!  This lead to a flurry of daycare visits.  We toured 5 all together after work the past few weeks and picked a great one for the rest of this year.  I hate the thought of sending my baby away for the day, but sadly, there is no alternative at this point.  We also looked into nannies and nanny shares, but for now, we are going the daycare route.  The daycare we chose is awesome-it’s brand spanking new, and just opened a few weeks ago.  The facility is beautiful and literally on my way to work.  This means I get as much time with the baby as possible.  Also, they have an app where you can see the baby on video any time you want during the day.  This makes me feel so relieved that anytime I want to, I will be able to see how he is going.  The staff seemed really friendly and kind, and in general it seemed like a safe, healthy place for our baby to go.

Looking forward to:

We are going to start painting the nursery soon to prepare to set it up!

Fun Stories

Our babymoon was also the highlight of this week!  Getting away just the 2 of us was really nice.  It is really hard for me to fathom what it will be like, and how different our lives will be, but I am trying to enjoy living in the present as much as possible and am trying to not constantly think about January! 

Sunday morning walk with coffee makeup free :)