I had a great Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with Jim’s family and Christmas with mine. We are so lucky that everyone lives in the same area. It makes the holidays easy! Here are some pictures from the last few days. I hope you had a great holiday if you celebrate! 

Photo booth at my cousin’s Christmas party  
Relaxing on my first day of break!

  We are going to watch all the Star Wars movies since I’ve never seen them and it seems like a good winter activity. We watched one so far and had popcorn and candy. The snacks are what makes the movie watching fun!   
  All the presents wrapped and ready to be delivered!   
Christmas Eve- Chinese food potluck   
Everyone in red, and one screaming :)


My mom’s cute little tree filled with presents underneath 

  Christmas breakfast- plus cinnamon buns  
Cousins ❤️   
Christmas dessert table

Cousins plus significant others- Our group is getting bigger!

  Merry Christmas!  

My Trip to Kleinfeld’s

I started blogging after I was already married, so I thought it would be fun to do a few wedding posts now.

Wedding planning was both fun and stressful. For the most part I really enjoyed it, and loved putting my vision to work. We didn’t have a wedding planner, and my mom and I did all of the planning ourselves! One of the highlights was our trip to New York to go to Kleinfeld’s! My mom and I both love Say Yes to the Dress and had said for years that we would go when I got engaged. Once I was engaged, we decided to do it! We planned a quick overnight trip to the big apple.

We arrived on a Saturday morning and walked around, went to eat, and to the big Macy’s to work on my registry. Then we went to Cafe Un Deux Trois, and saw Once.

The next morning was a little hectic. Our flight was cancelled due to a blizzard that was coming to Chicago. They said they could only get us on an early morning flight which meant we would have to miss our Kleinfeld’s appointment! After lots of back and forth we were able to get on a later flight. The funniest part was when we arrived back in Chicago, all the schools were closed for the next day, so we could have stayed an extra day anyway.
I was so happy our appointment was still on! It was so exciting to be at this world- renowned store! Our consultant was Diane and she was a nice as could be. I tried on lots of dresses and they were all pretty traditional. Diane said she pictured me as Grace Kelly- how flattering :-) she saved the best for last- a gorgeous Augusta Jones dress, Pnina Tornai belt, and cathedral length veil with lace. I was in love and we said yes to the dress!

It was a magical weekend, and I am still so happy we went for it and did it. I absolutely loved my dress, and the accessories, and everything felt absolutely perfect.

Week 34 Pregnancy Updates

I haven’t taken a picture in a while, but this is from my baby shower a few weeks ago.

Baby’s Size

Baby is the size of a honeydew melon.  He weighs between 4.2 and 5.8 pounds.  He is 17-18 inches long. 

Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 21 pounds

Week 34- 0 pounds


I have had a lot of heartburn.  But this week was a little different.  I have had Braxton Hicks for a while now, but this week they increased by a lot.  I had been having between 2 and 5 every hour and called the doctor a few times.  I finally ended up going into the hospital on Wednesday night.  They put me on the monitors and I was having small contractions.  They checked me and I was a half centimeter dilated.  We ended up having to stay until 12:30 am.  I went to my regular doctor the next day and she told me to stay off my feet, no exercise, and to try to stay in and rest as much as possible.  Hopefully this little guy won’t make an early debut!


None other than just being a first grade teacher!

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

Oh so many!  I started getting a little worried that our baby might come before we planned, so we bought some bare necessities that I was holding off on like diapers, and newborn outfits. I also bought some things for myself to wear post baby.

Week 34 Milestones

Nothing too noteworthy, but I started tracking contractions.  It makes me excited/scared for when I really will be having contractions and getting ready for delivery.

Looking forward to:

Meeting the baby!  I just wish I knew when exactly that will be!  And of course looking forward to Christmas this week with our families!

Fun Stories

Nothing very fun this week…I was a little more scared/stressed than excited this week.  But I have a feeling that after all this, he will be late and I will have to be induced.


Christmas Decorating

I love the holidays and I love decorating. This year I didn’t do anything too new or creative but I’m still happy with the way everything turned out!  Here are a few pics of our holiday decor this year! 
Christmas tree! I also somehow managed to wrap way in advance this year. 

  Mantle- I bought this lighted garland this year and love the extra sparkle the lights give off.  
Apothecary jars filled with ornaments.

  Some decor on the book shelf- a nutcracker, snow globes, and a Nativity scene.   
Little trees above the kitchen cabinets. 

 My grandma’s Lenox figurines.  
A mini tree by the front door- I went with a silver theme this year! 


That’s pretty much it! Nothing too fancy but it does the trick! 
Do you have a favorite holiday decoration or tradition?

Thoughts on Pregnancy

As my time being pregnant is coming to a close in a month and a half, I was thinking about what I like about pregnancy, and what I am excited for post-pregnancy.  Here is my list so far! 


Things I Will Miss

Going to the Movies

Jim and I have made it a point to go to the movies throughout this pregnancy because we know that once we have a baby we probably won’t go very often.  When we have a babysitter, it will most likely be for an event, or to get dinner and drinks.  It is so fun going to the movies!  We went to a Saturday afternoon showing of The Hunger Games this weekend, and it felt so luxurious to sit in the dark theater all afternoon and eat Snow Caps!


I can’t say that I sleep well now…that is already a thing of the past.  However, I do love the luxury of taking a weekend nap whenever I feel like it.

Long Showers

I have made it a point to take longer-than-usual showers for the past few days, because I have a feeling I will be in and out in no time once the baby is here.

Just the Two of Us

I know that our lives will forever be changed, and it will never just be “Julia and Jim” again.  I am trying to savor these last weeks as a couple before we officially become a family.

Baby Kicks

It is a surreal feeling to have a baby constantly kicking and moving inside.  I know I will definitely miss feeling him doing karate moves all the time!


I will still have dessert, but not every day, and not guilt free!

The Excitement

Never again will we have this type of excitement!  I am terrified and so excited at the same time.  I have no idea what life will be like with a newborn, and I just want it to be here now!  All of the planning, researching, googling, and shopping is a once in a lifetime experience and I will definitely miss this special time.  We will hopefully have more children in the future, but this is the only time that everything will be completely new.


Things I am Looking Forward To


Seeing What He Looks Like

I am dying to see his face ! Will he look like me?  Will he look like Jim?  A combination?  I can’t wait to find out!


No explanation needed!


Again- no explanation needed.  I have a small cup of coffee every morning, but can’t wait for a bigger cup, and an afternoon pick me up sometimes.

Hard Workouts

Oh how I miss a sweaty, butt kicking workout.  I can’t wait to go back to hot yoga and go for a run!

Raw Sushi

I can’t wait for raw fish again!  I have made do with California rolls and shrimp tempura rolls but can’t wait for a good old rainbow roll!
Being a Mom

I know that taking care of a newborn will be incredibly hard, but I am ready for the challenge.  I can’t wait to be responsible for a tiny human, and throw myself into motherhood.

Being a Family of 3

I can’t wait to be a little family, and watch our son grow and flourish!


What I Ate Wednesday 

It’s been a really long time since I’ve made one of these posts! The reason is that I literally eat the same thing every day when I’m at school. My lunch is always a pita with peanut butter and honey, a green salad, and a Luna bar, followed by an apple for a snack later. I will make a post next week showing a whole day of weekday eats. This week I stayed home on Tuesday because I was feeling a little under the weather, and I had a doctors appointment so I decided to document all of my food since it was a little more interesting than a school day. 

For breakfast I had oatmeal with peanut butter and craisins and didn’t take a pic. Then some coffee and kitty cuddling.  

For lunch there weren’t many options in the fridge so I made scrambled eggs with salsa, toast, and fruit salad.  

 I was still hungry so I had a Luna bar. I think I’m addicted! 

Later I had a yogurt. 


Jim made a quick dinner- chicken, veggies, rice, and one leftover coconut shrimp with soda water to drink. 

Jim had a potluck at work so he was baking cookies. I couldn’t resist, and had maybe even a few more than this picture shows 😉 along with skim milk.  

Those are all my eats for the day! I hope your week is flying by! 

Baby Showers!

This past weekend we had two baby showers. My friends had planned a surprise couples shower, and without knowing, my mom had planned a friend shower for me, so we ended up having two showers with my friends!

We started the festivities off at Tango Sur an Argentinean steak house that is BYOB.  It was slammed, so we were really glad we had reservations! My awesome friends each brought a book for a mini present on Saturday night, and then they also came to the other shower on Sunday.  It was so fun to catch up with everyone and enjoy a delicious dinner.  Everyone headed out to a bar afterwards, but Jim and I went home and watched Iowa lose in the Big Ten Championship.



 Sunday we headed to the burbs for my official friend shower!  My mom and aunt worked so hard to make everything perfect!  It was so fun to see old friends and talk about all things baby.  It was also so fun to reminisce about our wilder, single days too.  :) Some of my friends drove all the way out from the city, and one of my friends even came with her one month old.  I felt very loved, and so lucky to have such a great group of friends for so many years!


Pregnancy Week 31 Updates

I haven’t posted a pregnancy update in a while now!  Here is week 31!

Baby’s Size

Baby is the size of a winter squash (not sure what that really is!) and is between 15-17 inches long.  He weighs between 2.5 and 4 pounds

Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 20 pounds

Week 31- 1 pound


I caught a cold at the end of the previous week and it lingered around for this week.  Each morning when I woke up, I barely had a voice, and kept coughing at night.  Other than that, my back is still painful but I’m managing it the best I can, with physical therapy, yoga, and wearing the most comfortable shoes I have. I still have lots of Braxton Hicks, especially later in the day and at night, but I am used to them now!


Prenatal yoga and walking.

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

None this week

Week 31 Milestones

This was Thanksgiving week so it was one of our last holidays without baby! We also went on a trip to Michigan over the long weekend, which is our last trip without the baby.  I can’t travel any more after the weekend of December 6th, so our next trip we take will be very different!  On Saturday, my mom and brother drove up to Detroit to visit my other brother, and Jim and I stayed in New Buffalo.  We did some Christmas shopping, and then just relaxed for the almost the whole afternoon.  It is very unlike us, but it was really enjoyable, and I realized having the whole day to ourselves is something that will be a distant memory soon!

Looking forward to:

Our upcoming showers!!

Fun Stories

It was fun to see our families over Thanskgiving, and to see our new niece.  It makes me so excited for our own newborn soon!