My weekend was three days because I had Monday off for MLK day. It’s pretty awesome! We had a great weekend in the city, and for once, didn’t drive anywhere except to Costco! Just what living in the city should be! 

We ate lots of good food, did plenty of relaxing, and all in all it was a great weekend! 


 Skillet cookie.. So so good!

One of our last date nights for a while

  Shepards pie.. Such great comfort food for a cold winter’s night! 

Pregnancy Updates Weeks 35-38

I have done a horrible job of making updates lately, and haven’t taken any pictures since Christmas!  Oops!  Going back to work was actually really hard, and I have been just getting through each day as best I can lately.

Baby’s Size

At 38 weeks, baby is the size of a watermelon.  He weighs between 6 and 8 pounds.  He is 19-21 inches long. 

Weight Gained

Total gained so far: 27 pounds at 38 weeks



I still have tons of Braxton Hicks but now know they are just what my body does.  My back hurts a lot.  Still plenty of heartburn. Insomnia like crazy.  I had a headache at 38 weeks (more details below) Typing this out makes it sound so horrible, but really, I’m just excited and ready to meet baby!


Prenatal yoga

Food Aversions


Food Cravings


Baby-related purchases

We finished our registry after our final shower (shower post coming soon!) and now we are all ready!

Week 35-38 Milestones

I have had 3 ultrasounds in the past few weeks!!!  Crazy!  I had one because I had only gained 4 pounds in 7 weeks, so they wanted to make sure the baby was growing enough.  The week after that ultrasound, I gained a bunch of weight in one week, so I guess I just caught up quickly!  I had one at 37 weeks, because the doctor wasn’t sure if the baby was breech or not.  He is head down and ready to go!  I had one last week to check my amniotic fluid, which actually is very plentiful.  Phew!  Since none of these were very alarming, it was just fun to see him again.  He is so squished, that it wasn’t like the 20 week ultrasound where I could see his whole body.  All I could see were body parts and his profile.  It is still the coolest thing ever to see him!  I had my 38 week appointment and had a headache at the appointment, so I told my doctor about it.  She was a little concerned about it, as this isn’t typical late in pregnancy.  After my appointment, she sent me to the hospital, and i had to get blood drawn and wait for 2 hours to make sure everything was fine.  It was, thankfully!  My headache went away the next day, and I took a day off to rest and make sure it went away fully.   

Looking forward to:

I’m DYING to meet our baby!  I’m also looking forward to having a glass of wine and some raw sushi within the next month!

Fun Stories

Just finishing up this pregnancy and getting ready to be a mom!  In some ways I am in shock that we will have our lives turned upside down soon, and be responsible for a tiny human.  In other ways, I am so excited and ready for motherhood.  It was fun to make all the last minute preparations, and pack my back for the hospital.

Friday Peaks of the Week

I started back at work this week and somehow it has gotten to be exponentially harder to be with 6 year olds and feel massively pregnant this week. I have been sleeping pretty horribly, and my back hurts so bad every day! So these next few weeks will be all about survival mode. I focused solely on working, and taking care of myself as soon as I got home. I had no plans in the evenings so it was nice to relax and eat a healthy meal each night. I’m nearing the end of week 37 so I’m in the home stretch!!

Here are a few peaks of the week!

Healthy Meals

After the holidays, Jim and I were more than ready to eat healthy again! He has been amazing at making us dinner each night, and we have had lots of veggies all week.

Mini Workouts

My workouts have gotten to be very short and I started doing Tone It Up videos because they are super quick and effective. We also went on a few long walks this week which is always a nice way to fit in some exercise. 
New Rug

I figured once we have our baby we will want to be on the floor with him, and only having hardwood isn’t very practical. We ordered this grey shag rug from Amazon and it makes the room feel more cozy and homey. Penny is also a fan :)  

Happy Friday!


This year has been a great one! Pretty much everything in my life remained the same- same job, home, etc. The obvious highlight of 2015 for me was getting pregnant! There were lots of other great things too.  One of my brothers got married, one got engaged and moved, and the other one is halfway through his junior year in college. My mom moved and we said goodbye to my childhood home. Jim and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Three friends got married and we went to some fabulous weddings. We welcomed a new niece into Jim’s family. Jim and I took our first trip to Cape Cod together. We also went on our third trip to Napa together. All in all it was a great year! Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!



I am not doing the typical New Years resolutions this year, like losing weight and getting in shape, because those are not things I can work on, or really need to work on right now. I do have two goals- to go to church more, and to not let people’s opinions of me bother me so much. I struggle with trying to please everyone, even though it is impossible to make everyone happy. I also struggle with taking things personally at work, and I am deciding to only check my emails when I am at work to create a better work- life balance. 
I hope you have a great New Year’s! 

Shower # 2

This past weekend Jim’s mom threw is a beautiful shower at Pinstripes. They have a great brunch and we got a private room. Our family and friends have been so generous and loving and I feel so lucky!  Unfortunately most of the pictures won’t upload for some reason, including all of the pictures with actual people in them! But here are the ones that will upload.