Daily Gratitude 

In the winter it can be easy to feel a little down. The weather is gross, there’s not much going on, and it seems to drag on forever (at least that’s how it feels in Chicago)! For the remainder of the winter, I thought I would focus on the positives during the day, and actually write out a few positives each day to help change my outlook. By simply thinking about the good things from the day, I have found that it makes me happier and more upbeat. I challenge anyone to try this for a week and see how it changes your outlook and attitude. You might be pleasantly surprised!  



My first glass of wine 

Post baby, that is :) This past weekend we opened a bottle from one of the wine clubs we belong to.  We have a huge stockpile of wines because we received a bunch of shipments during my pregnancy. We decided to go big and open one from Goldeneye. This was a yummy Pinot noir. I was excited to indulge in a glass of wine after all the hard work of being pregnant and having a baby. It was definitely as delicious as I remember!  We won’t be opening many of these expensive bottles in the near future but it is fun to splurge occasionally. 

  Recovery mode on the couch. And no, I didn’t drink the whole bottle haha! 

Final Pregnancy Update 

  I can’t believe this is my last pregnancy update! When I started writing these I felt like the birth would never come. And now it’s all over and he’s here! 

During week 39, I had my final doctor appointment (unbeknownst to me)! My doctor said there was no progress happening and we talked about my 40 week appointment, and getting induced at 41 weeks. My doctor told me to walk a lot, so on Saturday we walked miles and miles running errands and meeting friends for dinner. I left feeling frustrated and feeling like I would be pregnant forever. I decided that Friday would be my last day of work (2 days before my due date) and had a feeling that I would be home with no baby, not working for at least a few days. I wanted to give my kids some closure and have a set day to leave, so Friday night I stayed till 6 pm making sure everything was ready for my departure. 

Total weight gained

I’m not positive but I think it was 28 pounds.

Week 39 Symptoms

Stomach problems galore, sore back, sore groin area, and so tired. 

Fun Stories

During my last week at school, the teachers gave me a big bin of books and a gift card. On my last day my kids showered me with gifts. It was so unexpected and nice! 
And that’s it! It’s bittersweet to know that my pregnancy is done but now I have a little snuggle bug sleeping in my lap as I type this, which is way better than being pregnant! 

100 Calories

During my pregnancy, especially in my third trimester, my workouts have changed drastically.  It was actually, one of the things I was most surprised about.  I thought I would be one of those pregnant ladies who kept up the same or similar workouts for the whole 9 months.  I was wrong!  I had to listen to my body and care for my baby and dial my workouts WAY back.  I used to be an avid hot yoga sculpt student, and loved running half marathons. I was used to pushing my body to the max, and I loved it!  This was a big change for me!  Throughout my pregnancy, I knew I had two choices:  throw all of my previous hard work out and eat whatever I wanted, or be healthy and moderate, in different ways than in the past. In general, I think I have done a pretty good job of being healthy and moderate.  Yes, I eat dessert everyday!  But that doesn’t mean I have lost all self control.  In terms of workouts, I decided to go with the matra that “something is better than nothing”.  There are so many ways to add or subtract 100 calories in a day . Hungry at 3 pm?  There are tons of snacks that are around 100 calories.  Too tired or time crunched for a full workout?  There are plenty of ways to burn 100 calories.  Here are some of my favorite ways to burn 100 calories, and some of my favorite 100 calorie snacks!


15 Minutes of Weight Lifting

Some mornings I wake up and feel pretty much like I’ve been hit by a train I’m so tired!  While it is SO tempting to go back to bed a little longer, or just go for the coffee, I oftentimes do a small workout.  Squats, lunges, planks, bicep curls, triceps, and rows are my usual go-to exercises.  It just takes 15 minutes to do these, and I feel like I’m keeping up my strength, as well as moving a bit.

20 Minutes of Yoga

Yoga has been my godsend this pregnancy.  I obviously have always been a yoga lover (hence the name of my blog!!) but of course had to change around the type of yoga I do.  While I miss a sweaty, hot, yoga sculpt class, I have turned to prenatal yoga to get the same benefits. I still feel the burn, get a good stretch, and feel mentally calm at the end.  I try to do 30-40 minutes, but sometimes even 20 does the trick!

30 Minutes of Walking

When the weather isn’t horrible (Chicago has been lucky enough to have plenty of mild days this winter) Jim and I make it a point to go outside after dinner for a walk.  We both have fitness trackers (Fitbit for me, and Garmin Vivo Fit for him), and it is fun to try t get all our steps in in a day.  Walking has so many benefits, and it always makes me feel less full and bloated after dinner.  Sometimes we go on longer walks, but always aim for at least a half hour.  It is always fun to check out the neighborhood and catch up on our day together.



Cheese and Apple

I like pretty much all cheese!  I usually have a string cheese or a Babybel cheese and an apple as an afternoon snack to tide me over before dinner. 


A container of Greek yogurt is a powerhouse for protein and calcium (which pregnant mamas need lots of!) and keeps me full for a long time.  I love adding a little cereal or granola to it to make it more exciting.I always gravitate towards Greek yogurt because it is all natural.  Other yogurts are loaded with sugar and preservatives.  I love the new Chobani Simply 100 Crunch because it is low in calories, and the crunch adds a fun, yummy addition to the snack.  Chobani Simply 100 has lots of really interesting information and even compares 3 types of 100 calorie yogurt.

Chips and Salsa

My other favorite afternoon snack is chips and salsa.  I always pick a natural, healthy version of a tortilla chip, and there are so many yummy varieties of salsa.  All you have to do is watch the portions, as they can quickly get to be massive with this delicious snack!