Holiday Yoga Challenge 

It is typical to start a workout challenge after the holidays. Everyone is on board to get healthy, diet, workout and overall become a better version of him/herself. This is the time when the gyms are packed and all the ads on TV are for weight loss plans, gyms, and quick fixes. Some people might stick with their goals throughout the year but others forget about all of their health endeavors by February. While I love January and all that it encompasses- health, quiet nights at home, and an overall time to buckle down and get back to regular life, I think that health and fitness can be achieved anytime of the year, including in December.

I decided to challenge myself to do a little yoga everyday between now and Christmas. Will I be able to accomplish this goal? I don’t know! But I hope so! I have shied away from yoga recently because my workout time is during the baby’s morning nap. This nap is always a crap shoot. It can be 2 hours or 20 minutes. His afternoon nap is more consistent, but this is when I eat lunch, take a cat nap, clean, shower, etc. The morning is the time when I feel the most energized and ready to workout. However, because I never know how long this time is, I had stopped doing yoga. I felt like if I didn’t get a complete practice in, including savasana, then it wasn’t worth it. For many months I gravitated towards quick strength workouts. While these are wonderful, and very important, I have found myself really missing yoga. I have decided to stop having an “all or nothing” attitude with yoga. If I complete my yoga class, great! If not, something is better than nothing.

Each day I will do yoga. Maybe it is an online class from or maybe it is a flow I complete on my own, or maybe I will actually get to go take a class at a studio! Even if I do yoga for 5 to 10 minutes, I will consider that a win. I’ll check in and share my progress.

Would you like to join me in a quick holiday yoga challenge? If so, comment or message me!

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