I started doing yoga right after college.  My first yoga class was on the beach in Cape Cod.  I never realized the positive effects yoga could have on my stress level and mindset.  I am a worrier through and through and yoga helps me keep my worries at bay.  After my first beach yoga class, I did yoga classes online at home.  I liked them a lot and especially loved the way I felt afterwards.  It wasn’t until about 4 years ago when my friend introduced me to yoga sculpt classes- heated yoga with weights, that I truly became hooked on yoga.  I joined a yoga studio, and enjoyed the mix of hard, hard workouts, and heated vinyasa classes.


Last year I joined a local yoga studio (previously was at a nationwide chain, that I still love!!) because I wanted to support my local Chicago!  This studio offers lots of different types of classes and I still find myself gravitating towards the heated classes with weights, and heated vinyasa classes.  When I can’t make it to the studio, I will do yoga at home.  Just recently I am starting to begin feeling comfortable with listening to music and creating my own flows and not needing an online class to follow.  I hope someday, after starting a family, to be able to become a trained teacher!


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