I am thankful for so many things! This year has been such a whirlwind and I am so happy with the place I am in life right now.

Here are a few things I am thankful for. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



I am pretty sure I have the best family ever! I am super close with my family, and feel so lucky that I get to see many of them all of the time. Both my family and Jim’s family are so supportive and awesome. My mom is my best friend, and I feel so lucky that I can say that. We have been living with her for the past four months while we wait for our new house to be renovated, and it has been so fun seeing my mom everyday.



Although Jim is my family, he gets his own category. :) I feel like we have successfully navigated so many life changes this year-having a baby, selling a house, buying a new house, selling a car, buying new car, and moving. We are always on the same page with major life decisions, and the whole renovation process, while stressful, wasn’t stressful for us a couple, which I feel really happy about. We managed to almost get through our first year of parenthood together, and I think we make a pretty good team. I am also beyond thankful that Jim has an awesome job that allows me to stay at home with our baby. It is so rare nowadays to be able to stay home, and I cherish every minute of it.


I try to keep Connor private on the blog, but I can’t help but write about him today, as I am beyond thankful for him. He is the light of my life, and I love him beyond what I ever thought imaginable. I truly never knew that I could love someone so much. He is such a happy baby, and our days are so fun together. I am so grateful that he is healthy and happy and that I have him as my son.

On that note, I am so thankful that my family is all healthy, and that my body successfully produced another human! Having a baby and a hard delivery was no walk in the park, but I am fine now!

Ok now on to the less mushy stuff!


While Connor is a great baby, he is a pretty horrible sleeper! He still wakes up a ton, and I am planning on doing some type of sleep training soon. In the meantime, coffee is my savior. I literally look forward everyday to the time in the morning when I can start drinking coffee!


I have always been a sweets lover, but once I got pregnant that intensified. I thought after I had a baby I would stop eating a dessert everyday, but that is not the case. I still eat dessert everyday and have no plans to stop. Eating a small sweet treat does not mean that I have gained weight or feel out of control in any way. I watch my portions and believe in moderation!


Suburb Life

I lived in the city for 15 years and just moved to the suburbs this past summer. Our town is particularly special in that it has a cute downtown that we can walk to, so I still get the city feel of being able to walk to the grocery store, to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. But now I don’t have the congestion, traffic and noise. Our town is also surrounded by beautiful woods and farms, and I am loving the quiet life of living in a small town. And the best part is we can hop on the train or in the car and be in the city within an hour.




I had a great Christmas! We spent Christmas Eve with Jim’s family and Christmas with mine. We are so lucky that everyone lives in the same area. It makes the holidays easy! Here are some pictures from the last few days. I hope you had a great holiday if you celebrate! 

Photo booth at my cousin’s Christmas party  
Relaxing on my first day of break!

  We are going to watch all the Star Wars movies since I’ve never seen them and it seems like a good winter activity. We watched one so far and had popcorn and candy. The snacks are what makes the movie watching fun!   
  All the presents wrapped and ready to be delivered!   
Christmas Eve- Chinese food potluck   
Everyone in red, and one screaming :)


My mom’s cute little tree filled with presents underneath 

  Christmas breakfast- plus cinnamon buns  
Cousins ❤️   
Christmas dessert table

Cousins plus significant others- Our group is getting bigger!

  Merry Christmas!  

Christmas Decorating

I love the holidays and I love decorating. This year I didn’t do anything too new or creative but I’m still happy with the way everything turned out!  Here are a few pics of our holiday decor this year! 
Christmas tree! I also somehow managed to wrap way in advance this year. 

  Mantle- I bought this lighted garland this year and love the extra sparkle the lights give off.  
Apothecary jars filled with ornaments.

  Some decor on the book shelf- a nutcracker, snow globes, and a Nativity scene.   
Little trees above the kitchen cabinets. 

 My grandma’s Lenox figurines.  
A mini tree by the front door- I went with a silver theme this year! 


That’s pretty much it! Nothing too fancy but it does the trick! 
Do you have a favorite holiday decoration or tradition?

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Over the Holidays 

The holiday season is upon us! I absolutely love the stretch from October to January because of all of the festivities, family, friends, and fun! It is easy to just let loose and forget about health, especially from Thanksgiving to New Years. It’s not worth it though! Trust me… I’ve done it.
Two years ago, I threw all caution to the wind and just ate and drank with abandon. I continued to work out, but no amount of exercise can offset mass quantities of desserts, wine, and delicious appetizers. I found myself at my highest weight ever that January, and going wedding dress shopping! I made some changes and lost a lot of weight, but it was hard work! I learned that no matter how fun it is to eat and drink whatever you want for 2 months, it’s not worth it!

 Here are some things that work for me to maintain my weight and health goals, and not feel deprived.

Nothing is Off Limits

The minute I tell myself I can’t have something, I immediately want it.  I used to tell myself I couldn’t have specific foods or desserts, and then I would feel deprived, and crabby.  Now I know that I can eat everything I want, but in..


This is the biggest key to not going overboard and gaining weight at the holidays.  I know that I can eat whatever I want at a specific party, so I choose what looks the very best and take a small portion of everything that I want.  I fill up one plate of food, and one small plate of desserts, and that’s it.  I try to not get seconds of things unless I truly am hungry.

Slow Down and Stop Before I Feel Full

I hate feeling overly stuffed after a decadent meal.  It makes me feel bloated and gross.  I check in with myself as I am eating and make sure to eat slowly.  I also make a conscious effort to put down my fork and enjoy the conversation.  As soon as I feel satisfied, I stop.


This is Not My Last Meal Ever. 

I like to remind myself that these delicious mashed potatoes, or chocolate chip cookies, or this glass of red wine will indeed be consumed again by me in the future.  This isn’t the last time I will have this food, and probably very soon again during the holiday season, I will eat something similar.  This also goes along with the “nothing is off limits” mentality.  If I think that tomorrow I will start being super healthy and this is my last day of eating badly, then I go overboard.  If I think that I will have more treats in the very near future, it helps me to eat moderately.


Eat Healthy During the Week

Of course over the holidays there are plenty of parties and get togethers, but there are lots of regular days thrown in there too.  I make sure I eat super healthy during the week, especially at work, when I can control what I am packing for my lunch.  I resist the treats at work, and only eat what I packed for myself.


Drink Water! 

In between alcoholic drinks at a party, I always make sure to have a glass of water.  This helps me to stay hydrated, and also helps me to drink less in general.  It takes a while to drink a glass of water!


Eat Veggies With Every Meal

I always try to make sure I have some veggies with every meal, whether it is at a party, at a restaurant, or at home.  This keeps at least part of the plate healthy.


Stay Active

I still maintain my activity level during the holidays.  It is tempting to think that I will just worry about it in January, but it’s not worth it.  Even a small amount of exercise each day goes a long way.  If I am off of work, I will mix it up and go to a yoga class with a friend, or go for a run on a new route.  I also keep the mentality that “Something is better than nothing”.  I used to think that if my workout wasn’t torching hundreds of calories and at least 45 minutes long, it wasn’t worth it.  Now I realize that even a quickie workout is good for the body!

Happy Holidays!!